Trump win sets off Cal Poly protests

November 10, 2016


Joining disgruntled liberals and leftists state-and-nationwide, hundreds of students at Cal Poly protested President-elect Donald Trump’s election victory. The Cal Poly students marched across campus Wednesday chanting slogans like “love trumps hate” and “not my prez,” as well as “fuck the wall. Dump Trump.”

In addition to protests, a Cal Poly Against Donald Trump group sprouted on Facebook. The group has more than 400 members, as of Thursday morning.

“This group aims to garner support at the local level for a Democratic resurgence,” said Isaac Schick, the group organizer. “The situation is Donald Trump, someone who has never held a political office, has included firing the generals, killing the families of terrorists, dropping countries that can’t pay the United States (countries that are fearful of Russian aggression) from NATO, banning Muslims from the country and of course building a wall and making Mexico pay for it, in his list of policy decisions, has just become our next president.”

Schick is calling for Trump protesters to join a demonstration Thursday in support of Cal Poly students who do not have legal status in the United States. Another protest against Trump is scheduled for Saturday outside the San Luis Obispo courthouse.

Free Speech WallThe protests against Trump broke out at a time when tension was already rising on campus over a free speech wall erected by the Cal Poly College Republicans. Bigoted language, as well a swastika reportedly appeared on the wall, and a person later spray painted over writing it contained.

Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong stated on Twitter Wednesday that he completely supports students’ right to protest.

In Los Angeles, thousands of protesters poured onto streets Wednesday night and hundreds of them later shut down traffic on Highway 101. The protesters also burned Trump’s head in effigy. [LA Times]

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Just a reason to miss class, most are living off mommy and daddy money and will drive their BMW’s home to live after the fail in the real world.

A look at the map shows that the left has a cluster of states in the northeast and the west coast and thats it. Even blue as blue can be California is only that way due to SF and LA. Most of the areas away from the coast voted red. Get your head out of your backside and start truly starting to work for the CITIZENS you so righteously claim to stand for.

if the dems would quit pandering to the “undocumented” which has only helped to ensure wages stay low and keep citizens unemployed they might broaden their appeal.

The “Cupcake Generation” have defined themselves: Support the democratic process … unless the opposing candidate wins. Demand tolerance … but spew hatred and vitriol towards those that disagree with their beliefs. Champion peace … but riot, vandalize, and burn our flag when they don’t get what they want.

We should all be celebrating a peaceful transition of power. What a great country we live in where there is a process for changing leaders that does not include violence. If you don’t like the results you should protest the DNC for preselecting the worst possible candidate and using slimy tactics to get her past all other nominees. Trump was very few people’s first choice, but compared to Clinton he obviously looked pretty good to the voters. Children should now go back to attending class and stop their incessant winning.

“Liberals”? How about those of us who are independent and middle of the road. You paint this as a left vs. right issue; it is not. Many of us in the middle are not happy with the results.

Agreed, but we didn’t have a good option. An unpredictable, megalomaniac con-artist who could be anything from a real-life troll to a potential Mussolini or a prototypical establishment con-artist who would continue our slow descent into oligarchy.

I will reserve my right to protest too and spend it on a dinner out and a good movie with my wife. Cheers and down the hatch because we now have a president who will represent everyone, Armstrong, Schick, Ellen and even Redneckerson.

Of course those who claim to have an “open mind,” are always the ones who cry loudest when things don’t go exactly their way. I guess I should keep in mind that these are college students, which are just slightly more mature than High-School children. Sore losers nonetheless.

Funny, I don’t remember these protests happening when any of the previous presidents won (Obama, Bush 2, Clinton, Bush 1, Reagan, etc). Something is clearly different about this one.

You guys and gals are there to learn, so here’s a free lesson. Shift your thinking. Work on the biggest issue, not who’s living in the White House, but on healing our fractured, divisive, reactionary, clueless country. Our media has failed us, our internet is full of lies, our workers are jobless, our debt is spiraling to a point where all you will do is pay interest. Do your own research from real sources. Quit walking and bitching and start working on it!

Mr. Schick states all of the things that he thinks are wrong with Trump and that he has no experience. I would suggest that Mr. Schick wait until his financial support ends from wherever it may be coming, either his parents or my tax payments, leave the liberal campus, get a job and become a responsible citizen who attempt to independently support himself and family. Then maybe I will listen to him.

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