Trump win sets off Cal Poly protests

November 10, 2016


Joining disgruntled liberals and leftists state-and-nationwide, hundreds of students at Cal Poly protested President-elect Donald Trump’s election victory. The Cal Poly students marched across campus Wednesday chanting slogans like “love trumps hate” and “not my prez,” as well as “fuck the wall. Dump Trump.”

In addition to protests, a Cal Poly Against Donald Trump group sprouted on Facebook. The group has more than 400 members, as of Thursday morning.

“This group aims to garner support at the local level for a Democratic resurgence,” said Isaac Schick, the group organizer. “The situation is Donald Trump, someone who has never held a political office, has included firing the generals, killing the families of terrorists, dropping countries that can’t pay the United States (countries that are fearful of Russian aggression) from NATO, banning Muslims from the country and of course building a wall and making Mexico pay for it, in his list of policy decisions, has just become our next president.”

Schick is calling for Trump protesters to join a demonstration Thursday in support of Cal Poly students who do not have legal status in the United States. Another protest against Trump is scheduled for Saturday outside the San Luis Obispo courthouse.

Free Speech WallThe protests against Trump broke out at a time when tension was already rising on campus over a free speech wall erected by the Cal Poly College Republicans. Bigoted language, as well a swastika reportedly appeared on the wall, and a person later spray painted over writing it contained.

Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong stated on Twitter Wednesday that he completely supports students’ right to protest.

In Los Angeles, thousands of protesters poured onto streets Wednesday night and hundreds of them later shut down traffic on Highway 101. The protesters also burned Trump’s head in effigy. [LA Times]

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Poor snowflakes. Go to your safe places.

Protest because the system is so corrupted and broken that the only options we had to choose from were a corrupt establishment insider vs. a buffoon who will likely be just as corrupt. Think trump will get money out of politics or stop tpp?—Doubtful. Hell, already trumps people are saying they’ll choose jamie dimon for treasury secretary (the corrupt jp morgan exec that Hillary was going to appoint). Remember that ‘beautiful,” “magnificent” wall so many were thrilled about – now they’re already saying it’ll be a “fence extension.” Why? Probably because big business wants cheap labor. Folks on both sides need to take the blinders off.

“Schick is calling for Trump protesters to join a demonstration Thursday in support of Cal Poly students who do not have legal status in the United States.” Excuse me but, why are there illegal aliens taking spots that American Citizens could be using?

Cal poly has an identity problem.

Let’s reinstate the draft, then they’ll have something to bitch about.

If Trump’s kids (along with all those of all the other chickenhawks) will be eligible, I agree.

I DO NOT support the new president elect, however, one must state the obvious here-

Get back to class! Keep your grades up!

Protesting and whining will get you nowhere.

Stop whining because you didn’t get your way.

All these students are so sensitive with such a huge sense of entitlement.

Get back to class and educate yourself!

All these kids are doing is wasting tax dollars and their learning time.

Welcome to the real world, now either study or get a job!

Yes indeed. If they really want to do something about it, they should become active in local politics and work to reform the Democrat party from within. If the only people moving up the political ladder are the corrupt con-artists, that is what the options become at the national level.

Eventually, people begin to recognize the problem and reject it even if it means voting for a very flawed option.

Now that process will take time (possibly decades), a healthy dose of quiet humility while they learn the ropes, and enough character to not succumb to the temptations to compromise on principal. It is highly unlikely that most will have the patience to actually do it.

The majority of parents enroll their kids in Team sports to teach their kids about good sportsmanship. How to handle triumph with humility, and defeat with dignity.Working with your team showing kids that the harder they work the better the pay off.

Somewhere down the line they decide it was better not count the score in games so every child felt equal, and no feelings would be hurt.

Kids your team lost get up dust yourselves off, and then call the Democratic headquarters and ask where your Participation Trophies are…..

So, because you didn’t like who won (who does, really) you think you can protest it away. I’d be curious to see how many of you actually voted. Read up kiddos-just because he says it doesn’t mean he can do it. But by all means keep saying things like “F^%k the wall.” That makes you seem very intelligent and educated.

I was in the grocery store yesterday and a small child wanted something from the shelf that his mother wouldn’t give him. He threw himself on the floor and started crying and wailing like he was being tortured just to try and get his way. Thank goodness his mother did not give in to him and would not tolerate it. We need to take a lesson.

Future Poly student perhaps.

He sounds like a future Cal Poly student.

Or politician, maybe District 3 supervisor