Dog nearly kills Grover Beach man, elderly woman

December 15, 2016
A Belgian Malinois puppy

A Belgian Malinois puppy

A 64-year-old Grover Beach man and his next-door neighbor, an 86-year-old woman, are reportedly lucky to be alive following a vicious dog attack Tuesday. David Fear is critically injured and at risk of losing both of his hands, while Betty Long suffered a broken pelvis and a broken shoulder. [KSBY]

The dog attacked Fear outside his home on Nacimiento Avenue. The dog then turned on Long, and Fear reportedly helped save the elderly woman’s life. Long is being described as a hero.

San Luis Obispo County Animal Services has confirmed the attack occurred. Eric Anderson, the director of Animal Services, said the dog was a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois, a breed often trained as K9 officers. The owner surrendered the dog, and the animal was euthanized later on Tuesday.

Animal Services personnel are still investigating the incident. Investigators are trying to determine if more dogs were involved, and Animal Services wants to fully evaluate what led up to the attack, Anderson said.

Ron Yukelson, of Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center, said Fear is currently in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

Fear suffered serious dog bites to his stomach and arms. The bites severed two arteries in his arms, Fear’s brother, Steve Fear said. Steve Fear also said his brother lost six pints of blood and developed an infection from the bites.

The whole hospital is saying David Fear is a hero, his brother said.

In addition to suffering a broken pelvis and a broken shoulder, Long has staples in her head as a result of falling, relatives of the 86-year-old woman said. She also has dog bites on her body.

Grover Beach police would not comment on the incident, referring questions instead to Animal Services. The dog’s owner was said to be out of town.

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I am so very sorry to the family. I hope they get answers and justice as appropriate.

This horrible dog attack is another excellent example of many cases where humans have become extremely dangerous having / owning dangerous animals. To me this is a solid case for carrying a gun, for personal protection and protection of others. I too have had very close calls with dogs attacking me as I walked my little dog on a leash. Recently I came extremely close to a mountain lion that came out of nowhere. I was extremely lucky he was not attacking me. Concealed carry of a hand gun needs to become easier for folks like me that need armed protection from dogs, mountain lion and bad people. I will have to check into concealed carry again after reading this news report.

Very scary. Most of us would be in a terrible situation to lose both hands. And a broken pelvis at 85? I feel very badly for both people.

Something to consider: carry pepper spray when out and about. You can use it in this situation and also if someone tries to jump you.

I carry when walking my dog for just this reason.

Great idea. But, even if you hit an charging/attacking dog with pepper spray (a big if there), do you really think that will stop an attack? I live across the street from a pitbull confined by a 2 1/2 foot fence. The dog is aggressive to anyone walking by, particularly those walking dogs. Obviously a loving dog to the owners, but it’s still an accident waiting to happen.

Yes I do.