Marx and Democratic consultant fined for campaign violations

December 31, 2016
Jan Marx

Jan Marx


The San Luis Obispo City attorney announced Friday that the city has levied fines against both former mayor Jan Marx and County Democratic Party Vice-Chair Cory Black for violating city campaign finance laws. Marx is required to pay the city $300 and Black must pay a $600 penalty.

Last week, activist and government watchdog Kevin Rice filed a complaint against Marx and Black, alleging they knowingly violated the city’s $300 contribution limit. Rice asked the city attorney to levy fines and submit requests with the district attorney to have both Marx and Black charged with misdemeanors.

However, Christine Dietrich, the city attorney, determined both Black and Marx had misinterpreted regulations and that neither party had intentionally violated the law. So while the city levied fines, city officials are not planning to seek criminal actions against Marx or Black.

“For reasons similar to those outlined above, I find no basis to support the filing of criminal charges against either Ms. Marx or Mr. Black,” Dietrick says in her response to Rice.

On Oct. 3, Black donated $300 to Marx’s campaign. On the same day, Black’s political consulting firm, Public Policy Solutions, also donated $300 to Marx’s campaign. Two days later, the political committee San Luis Obispo County for Better Government, of which Black is a principal officer, likewise gave $300 to Marx.

California’s campaign finance code states that contributions made by organizations controlled by a person count as donations from that individual. In the aggregate, Black donated $900 to Marx’s campaign, $600 more than the legal limit, Rice’s complaint states.

Cory Black

Cory Black

As part of her investigation, Dietrick interviewed Marx, Marx’s campaign treasurer, Black and the treasurer for SLO County for Better Government, according to Dietrick.

Dietrick determined that both Marx, who had voted five times on the city’s campaign ordinance, and Black, who works as a Democratic campaign consultant, were both aware of the city’s $300 limit.

Marx, however, questioned the legality of the $900 in donations.

Concerned if the donations were in violation of city regulations, Marx asked the city clerk to look into the regulations. The city clerk told Marx to contact the FPPC. Marx then asked Black to clarify if by taking the $900 in donations, she was violating the law.

Black noted his expertise in campaign finance laws and then told Marx that the donations complied with campaign laws.

“I am familiar with the rules. This is what I do for a living,” Black said in an Oct. 15 email to Marx. “If you would like to return any or all of the contributions, I will be happy to take them back. They are all legal.”

Marx responded by adding the funds to her campaign war chest.

On Friday, Rice sent out a press release announcing the city’s finding that Black and Marx had violated the law. Rice also noted that there have been several politically connected politicians who have been fined for violating campaign laws.

“SLO County Democratic party leadership has been fraught with campaign finance violations against Jan Marx, Cory Black, Adam Hill, John Shoals, Caren Ray, and John Ashbaugh,” Rice said in his press release. “IntegritySLO has supported honest Democrats, including Debbie Peterson, Mike Byrd, and Heidi Harmon.”

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$300 and $600 = Cost of Business to these people. I’m sure they’ll find a way to deduct it in their returns.

Another example of why “Project Momentum” is gaining up/down our state. Central Coast Election 2016 WINS play right into what’s bonding disparate groups dropping labels to form a coalition that values ‘right and wrong.’ It’s going to be a good 2018, and 2017 already kicked off with the sold out MILO appearance end of month at CalPoly.

Momentum… use it or lose it and Californians are saying USE IT!

This is an example of maybe the ultimate conflict of interest. Christine Dietrich says that Marx and Black just made a mistake so give back what you did and we will forgive you. Oh ya and thanks for all of the raises and benefits that you have given me Jan.

How many people do you think that are incarcerated for stealing less and who may have made a stupid mistake, whereas Marx and Black made a smart mistake and caught caught, would like to have been treated the same way. Surely the nicest place, that is if you are connected.

Where do the mayor of Morro Bay and his wife fit in to this political mess? Hmmm…I wonder

well, christine johnson’s husband, who was totally unqualified for a position with the city of slo, got a job and who is in charge of HR, that would be the morro bay mayor’s wife whose husband worked with christine johnson. and the city manager in slo has lived with the irons in morro bay, so you tell me….what is the connection. incestuous at best. yuck

also morro bay residents, you are now looking at a 145 million dollar sewer plant compliments of christine johnson, jamie irons and noah smuckler.

good luck to all of us.

just thinking……..of all those raises Jan gave Christine Dietrich though the years. somebody is grinning about the irony of it all.

Meanwhile I imagine Christine is busy grooming the new mayor for the next raise and bringing her in to get her “group think” formulated.

I don’t think the New Mayor can be bought. I pray that she’s as honest as we believe.

Cory Black has become a cancer in the local Democrat party … He needs to be shown the door

If it’s dirty it’s Cory Black.

After the last elections he may be ready to go to Washington DC and play his game, again, back there. Good riddins.

“…Christine Dietrich, the city attorney, determined both Black and Marx had misinterpreted regulations…”

Don’t ya love that? If it’s you or me, it’s breaking the law.

If it’s Jan Marx or a Dem campaign consultant, it’s just “misinterpreting regulations.”

Double standard once again!!

…or if you are a <A HREF=""local police chief, having the tax payers fund your family's vacation… that is also not only misinterpretation, but “consistent application” of policy according to a “historical interpretation.”

If Marx had been found as corrupt as she was while in office, maybe she could have gamed the system for a juicy pay-out settlement before moving on and scamming some other local agency.

Obviously the first link should be THIS — missed the closing >.