Morro Bay sex offender arrested for murder

December 10, 2016
William Schonberger

William Schonberger

A registered sex offender from Morro Bay is in jail for allegedly murdering his father at their home at 419 Napa Avenue.

On Friday, Morro Bay police officers arrested William Joel Schonberger, 22, for allegedly killing a 59-year-old relative at their home with a large blade. The home is owned by John Schonberger, William Schonberger’s father.

Shortly before 6 a.m., a California Highway Patrol officer spotted William Schonberger pulled over on a street in Avila Beach. The officer than discovered William Schonberger had blood on his clothes, wounds on his body and a weapon with a large blade in the vehicle.

William Schonberger told the officer he had been in an altercation with a relative at their Morro Bay home.

Morro Bay officers then responded to the Napa Avenue home, where they found the dead body of the victim. Officers booked William Schonberger into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on a charge of murder.

In 2014, William Schonberger was convicted for possession of child pornography. He is listed at the Napa Avenue residence as a registered sex offender.

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Maybe he killed his own abuser……….

This is one time I don’t like what CCN has chosen to publish…

What does his past record have to do with his current charge? How can this do anything but inflame the readers and the public? It isn’t relevent to the murder unless there is some connection about his past, his father and the murder.

It’s tough enough for anyone to get a fare shake in our legal system without trying it in the court of public opinion at the same time. It may even cost the county tens of thousands of dollars when his defense lawyer moves for a change of venue as the local jury pool will obviously be tainted and prejudiced.

Oh, I forgot! It’s now “Guilty Until Proven Innocent”, right?

As to your contention Confed’; maybe the father took him in out of guilt, guilt he felt towards what he did to his son in years past. Maybe the son had had enough and finally lashed out in the only way he felt would rid him of an abusive father.

Let this play out in court, let them make the decision on what’s admitted into court and what is relivant…

Unemployable and with restrictions on where he can live, his father probably took him in as a last resort out of parental obligation. We may see if this theory pans out in court but at this point it seems to me like the best man lost. Once again, shame on the son.