SLO City Council swearing in, photo gallery

December 10, 2016

Three new members of the San Luis Obispo City Council were sworn in on Friday. Mayor Heidi Harmon and council members Andy Pease and Aaron Gomez joined council members Carlyn Christianson and Dan Rivoire on the dais.



Swearing in ceremony


Former mayor Jan Marx told the story of how she ordered a red winter coat with an emblem that said Mayor. On Friday evening, Marx gave the coat to Harmon.


Heidi Harmon begins her service as the mayor of San Luis Obispo.


Proclamation for outgoing Vice Mayor Dan Carpenter


Proclamation for outgoing Mayor Jan Marx

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Jan Marx’s gesture, turning over her mayor jacket, isnt completely genuine as she clearly decided to keep the matching tiara…

Hopefully Mayor Harmon will lead the council in 1) ousting Lichtig and 2) repealing the rental inspection policy.

Adios Jan Marx. Finally–there will be some honest, ethical leadership in SLO.

Good luck, Mayor Harmon. I heard you call into on Dave’s show on kvec last month (re. robocalls)

and I was impressed.

I’m not a fan of many of Mayor Harmon’s political positions, but I have absolutely no doubt that she is a woman of character and will act in a way that she honestly believes is in the best interest of the City of San Luis. We needed new blood and congratulations to the new Mayor.