SLO supervisors decline pay raises

December 7, 2016

SLO Board of Supervisors

The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors dashed any immediate hopes of higher wages in a 3-2 vote on Tuesday with supervisors Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill dissenting.

County staff recommended the supervisors approve a 3.5 percent pay raise in 2017 and then another 3.5 percent pay increase in 2018. The county found that the median pay of supervisors in 10 other counties was higher than San Luis Obispo County’s $86,115 annual salary.

Staff claimed that SLO County lagged behind other counties of similar size and counties “in close proximity.” However, county staff included Sonoma County which is not in close proximity to SLO County and is considerably larger. With a monthly salary of $12,145, Sonoma County had the highest pay of counties compared which resulted in a higher pay raise recommendation.

Both Hill and Gibson argued that the salary increases were consistent with the county’s compensSupervisor Lynn Comptonation policy that relies on the market based comparable methodology.

In addition, Hill said it is a difficult job and a larger salary is needed to attract non-wealthy people to the board.

Supervisor Lynn Compton, who said she made significantly more money working in the private sector, did not agree.

“My motivation for running for office was not to make more money but to do good for the community,” Compton said.


LA County was just a metaphor. The theme of the comment was competitive analysis is not an appropriate method for determining salaries or wages when there is no competition (other than political) for the position.


Hill is a clown – it figures he would vote to try to enrich himself.

Jorge Estrada

Great that they lead by example but I’d support a restart on all wages. First I’d boot either the civil service protection or the union, having both just makes every tax payer the answer to staff financial problems, a definite conflict of interest. Second, comparison to other counties where their fugitives can’t get here fast enough speaks to our quality of life over pay. We can get the best and the brightest for allot less money.


A suggestion to any reporter, to save on space and since we always know Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill always vote the same, lets just combine the names, how about Gibill, or Hillson. So stories will go….. will cost taxpayers more money, Gibill votes Yes, and everyone else votes NO….. Merry Christmas All


Supervisor Hill apparently is going to have to take on even more “consulting” work for Belsher and Petetit to make ends meet. He may have to give up his home at the Country Club.


Thing is in the private sector you are evaluated on performance. There’s nobody doing that for these people. Even if there were, what do you think the higher ups would do?


No matter how much they pay Gibson and Hill, they are both paid too much for what they do or do not contribute to our county.

Old Salt

So many people working for $20 or$25 dollars per hour and going BROKE…

And these FAT CATS want a raise…

ONLY in Government !


Lynn excels in all matters, She is an outstanding gift to all SLO County. She is a very special individual and is only diminished by the political shadow of Gibson and Hill.