SLO supervisors decline pay raises

December 7, 2016

SLO Board of Supervisors

The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors dashed any immediate hopes of higher wages in a 3-2 vote on Tuesday with supervisors Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill dissenting.

County staff recommended the supervisors approve a 3.5 percent pay raise in 2017 and then another 3.5 percent pay increase in 2018. The county found that the median pay of supervisors in 10 other counties was higher than San Luis Obispo County’s $86,115 annual salary.

Staff claimed that SLO County lagged behind other counties of similar size and counties “in close proximity.” However, county staff included Sonoma County which is not in close proximity to SLO County and is considerably larger. With a monthly salary of $12,145, Sonoma County had the highest pay of counties compared which resulted in a higher pay raise recommendation.

Both Hill and Gibson argued that the salary increases were consistent with the county’s compensSupervisor Lynn Comptonation policy that relies on the market based comparable methodology.

In addition, Hill said it is a difficult job and a larger salary is needed to attract non-wealthy people to the board.

Supervisor Lynn Compton, who said she made significantly more money working in the private sector, did not agree.

“My motivation for running for office was not to make more money but to do good for the community,” Compton said.


Ok, so Hill votes himself a raise.

At the same time releases an opinion on the fibune about the working class losing hope.

Enlarge bureaucracy, pity common folk.

Surely, that’s the answer.


What county staff recommended this wage increase? If they do not feel they are paid enough go to the other counties and work or quit. Electricians, plumbers etc make more money in the Bay areas but they are not paid according to market based comparable methology in this area as the supervisors are. Your 3.5 % increase is a lot more than any other worker in SLO gets. Be happy with what you have as I do not think the work is that hard to warrant even what you get now.


Thank you Compton.

Hill and Gibson: no surprise there.

Ben Daho

A Conservative turning down a pay raise? The 2 guys on the Left of the court are disgusting. No wonder Trump won. No matter how much drama, poor judgment and sickening behavior, they get re-elected


“In addition, Hill said it is a difficult job and a larger salary is needed to attract non-wealthy people to the board.”

Well Adam, you are a wealth of stupidity…how did you get elected?

It’s a shame that you and Bruce are now in the minority, the BOS might even get something done without screwing the taxpayers….what a novel idea.


Hats off to the majority of the Board of Supervisors. People should be paid for their job performance and work load. The majority of government workers think that they should all be paid the same for the same job that everyone else in the state is being paid. An example would be a fireman in San Luis Obispo County compared to a fireman in Los Angeles or San Francisco. In these larger cities the departments respond around the clock to numerous serious fires that expose them to dangerous safety situations on a daily basis. The exposure to dangerous situations in San Luis Obispo County are far less than the larger cities. So, should they be paid the same? Our Supervisors are paid just fine along with the perks, if they don’t like what they are being paid, they can quit and go back to work. Local city council members all know what the pay is when they decide to run for office. I pity anyone whose main purpose would be for the money, although there are a few. The newly elected mayor of Atascadero will be receiving a 150% pay increase at the start of the year. Thank you to the 3 members of the Board of Supervisors for setting a good example to other government employees.


Comparing salaries to other similar institutions only happens for people at the top of the food chain. The top people control the purse strings and freely give themselves raises, but the same justifications are never applied to people actually out there doing the work. The “county staff” that recommended the pay raise would in turn be expecting a back scratch from the BOS. Corruption and hypocrisy at its finest.


Compton… Nice!


Hell…they should be paying us!


Comparison??? That’s the problem with government. “I should get what they’re making in LA County” without evaluating what the job and risks are. That’s what u get paid for in private business. If you can make better money in Kern County, then go. Shafter is not that far away from the big city lights of SLO. Virtue by comparison is no virtue at all.


The salaries were compared to nine California counties; El Dorado, Fresno, Kern, Monterey, Placer, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Sanoma, and Ventura. LA County was not included in the comparison.

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