Thieves get away after hitting Atascadero train store

December 16, 2016

A group of thieves broke into an Atascadero train store Wednesday morning and loaded numerous items into a pickup truck in broad daylight. The burglars fled just before police officers arrived, and they managed to evade capture.

Shortly after 8 a.m., an alarm at Central Coast Trains in the 7600 block of El Camino Real alerted police. Officers determined the suspects had broken into the store through the front door.


Surveillance footage captured four male suspects, as well as their vehicle, a grey GMC Z71 pickup truck. The thieves fled southbound on El Camino Real just before officers arrived, according to a police department news release.

Investigators are requesting that anyone who has information about the identity of the suspects contact the police department.

The thieves stole six complete train sets, Hallmark train ornaments, a candy machine and small train pieces, which were on display on a wall. The stolen merchandise is valued at about $1,600, and there was approximately $400 of damage done to the door.

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Is there some sort of underground market for toy train sets and Christmas ornaments I have not heard about? Better check the North Pole, perhaps Santa was short and needed to use a black market connection to fill all the stockings this year.

I have a buddy that is into trains and attends the train shows. He makes about $10,000 a day selling. People that collect things are into it pretty well.

These idiots should be shot for their miserable fashion sense, look at those dipshit clothes!

Won’t be long before someone recognizes them, the geniuses.

Smile idiots you’re on candid camera! While you’re sitting in jail don’t complain that you were railroaded.

With current and recently voter approved measures, along with help from Governor Brown and others, if these criminals are caught and found guilty, their “sitting in jail” time will be very short. Likely out in time for next years Christmas “shopping” season.

it’s Governor brows fault. I bet the $60,000 per year per prison resident doesn’t bother you a bit, right?

It does when they have better health care than our veterans.

Looks like they are in training for the big house!

The tweak is strong with these guys…