Three men wounded in Paso Robles shooting

December 1, 2016

crime tapeA shooting in rural Paso Robles left three men wounded Wednesday night. Investigators believe one of the wounded men is a victim and two are suspects.

Shortly after 9 p.m., San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s officials began receiving calls about gunshots. Police responded and found a shooting victim on the 4100 block of Whispering Oak Way, a sheriff’s office press release states.

Responders delivered the victim to a local hospital where he is being treated for his injuries. Investigators believe the two wounded suspects transported themselves to a local hospital, where they received treatment for gunshot wounds.

The extent of each of the victims’ injuries is unclear.

Sheriff’s officials are not yet saying who shot whom. Investigators interviewed multiple witnesses.

The sheriff’s office is calling the shooting an isolated incident. An investigation is ongoing.

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The free market at work. They are very efficient at taking out each other.

Green lives matter

No they don’t… They do too many things to keep the blue man down!

Amen! Read the Tribune today and you will see our County is changing and changing fast! Robbery and Burglary (difference is explained in the article) is on the up rise by astonishing numbers. What until marijuana becomes legally active and these thugs need money to buy. Fun times ahead but certainly puts a stress on our law enforcement who have done an outstanding job in our County.

I agree with you that crime is rising out of control, but I doubt very much that legal pot is going to be the issue, I am sure these thugs will not get money to buy “pot”, (First off, I don’t smoke pot.) but pot is not likely the kind of drug people go out and steal for. More likely Meth, Heroin, Moly or even Alcohol! But pot? I doubt it.

Legalizing marijuana will actually give Law Enforcement less to do, aside from the handful of idiots that drive while high. People going to a random person that sells drugs to make a living will be less. Sure, there is still going to be a black market for marijuana, just like there are still minors that play the “hey mister” game for alcohol and cigarettes. You do realize there are a lot of people that use marijuana for recreation and medicinal purposes and do so responsibly.

There will of course be the idiots that will do stupid things, like not read the instructions, and decide that since they bought a cookie, they need to eat the entire cookie, when the package clearly states “break along the scored marks and consume 1 portion at a time and may take up to 3 hours to fully take effect”. Which most of the “horror” stories coming from other states usually fall into that category.

Meth/crack/heroin addicts will be the ones to rob/kill you to get their fix. Those drugs are incredibly potent, and the withdrawal is hell from them. Not to mention strong opiates are prescribed by doctors, and they give out dilaudid like it’s nothing in the hospital. Do some research on the legal pain killers that are given out like candy, and leave the reefer madness idiocy behind.

Your Right Nx, Law Enforcement will have less to do. Hopefully instead of chasing mellow Pot heads they can focus on the devastating drugs. There was just too much $ wasted chasing weed.

I did hear that the Pot sellers are NOT happy about the initiative passing. There goes their niche business! Anyway, I am glad to see it taxed, like alcohol. Its about time! And no more criminalizing Pot Heads!

The pill epidemic is incredibly devastating to our society. I am sure more crime relates to pills 100 times the rate of Pot! They need to take that Pot tax $ and add more drug clinics. Incarceration for drug users is pointless, unless it is only used to subdue someone under the influence, (but only a temp stay), then straight on to a drug clinic.

There seems to be a crime spree developing in the entire county. More violence. Now is the time that we really need to support our police. It’s time that politics be put aside and that resources are provided to the local police departments in order that are police officers are protected and provided with the equipment needed to do their job safely.

What additional equipment do they need?

non lethal, such as tasers and non-lethal bullets for certain situations. Maybe it should become mandatory that each patrol vehicle has 2 officers afyer a certain time at night. The CHP had a requirement that after 10pm all patrol vehicles would be 2 officers. I’m sure that there are other things that are also available,

Why non-lethal bullets? Pull a gun on a cop, don’t follow directions in the midst of your crime and you deserve what you get. I am sorry, but when a cop says HAND UP and you do not want to obey the command or any other command you take take your life in your hands because a cop has every right to take whatever action to protect his life. Notice I never mentioned race because you can be green for all I care, just do as you are instructed. If you are high on drugs, you become a bigger risk and therefore less tolerance. I just do not understand these people getting shot because I am sure they don’t want to die and I know cops do not want to klll anyone without cause. JUST FOLLOW THE REPEATED ORDERS!

True….but a great many of those individuals given orders by LEO’s are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and cannot reasonably comprehend the officers orders…therefore, in some cases, non lethal means is a way unnecessarily ending a life.

Most of the drugs that would cause you to become a threat, PCP, methamphetamine, crack and powder cocaine, tend to make things like tasers and rubber bullets ineffective. Some people can even be drunk enough that they won’t slow down for those things.

How do you stop somebody without causing severe injuries to them when they are overloaded on hard drugs that make it so they do not feel pain from rubber bullets or bean bag rounds, and shrug off the effects of a taser? If you are so loaded that those don’t stop you, all they will do is piss the person off and the LEOs just wasted the time trying to stop the person who is now loaded and enraged, and they don’t have time to defend themselves.

One cop pulls a taser, the other cop pulls his gun, if the taser doesn’t drop the person, and they are still a threat, we have one less idiot in the world.

I’m against hard drugs, and believe we need MUCH harsher penalties for dealers/smugglers/producers of above mentioned chemicals. The people that drink, need to learn to do so in enough moderation to avoid becoming a huge threat.

Armored Personnel Carriers

Tesla based death rays.

How about another patrol boat? Right kayak?

This should really cause a lot of controversy but it’s time to separate police and fire departments when it comes to pay. Currently both department members are usually paid the same. The reason for this is that most politicians fear losing the political support of either department when it election time.

In the last few months it has become very evident that police work is much, much more dangerous that being a fireman. Why do I say that? A fireman when responding to an incident usually knows exactly what he is going to and while enroute has the time to plan and prepare for the incident with whatever tools he may need. Upon arrival they are able to survey the scene and plan their moves. If it’s a fire they just don’t jump out of the truck and run inside, careful planning is conducted prior to entry. I’m not say that there are no dangers.

On the other hand when a police officer walks up to a car he has no idea what he is about to encounter. And when it goes bad it usually happens very quickly and very violent. We have all seen the videos.

I would suggest that every city initiate 2 man cars during the night shifts and that the pay for police officers needs to be increased above that of our firemen. The 2 jobs don’t even come close to being the same. It’s entirely up to the politicians if they really care and want to protect our police officers.

OMG! The Middle East has nothing on Paso Robles with regards to violence.