TSA finds hand grenade trailer hitch at SLO airport

December 21, 2016

grenade trailer hitch

The TSA recently found a hand grenade trailer hitch inside luggage at San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport. The item was determined not to be an explosive, but it did crack the TSA’s list of the “Top 10 Most Unusual Finds” in 2016.

TSA officials found the mock grenade inside checked luggage. A time stamp on the photo of the item says Aug. 21. It is unclear, though, when exactly the the trailer hitch was discovered, as well as to whom it belonged.

But, the TSA has made it clear that it is prohibited to place hand grenade trailer hitches in either carry-on or checked luggage.

“So what’s the big deal if it’s inert? First off, we don’t know what’s inert until explosives professionals take a closer look, and that takes time and slows down the line. It can even lead to a complete shutdown and evacuation. Also, imagine the person sitting next to you on the plane pulling this out of their carry-on. For these reasons, anything resembling a bomb or grenade is prohibited from both carry-on and checked bags.”

Here is the the full list of this year’s top 10 most unusual finds:

10) Hand grenade trailer hitch cover found at the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport.

9) Hello Kitty firearm found at Bradley International Airport.

8) Negan’s Bat Lucille found at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

7) Golden hand grenade found at Newark Liberty International Airport.

6) Replica suicide vest found at Richmond International Airport.

5) Bladed dragon claw found at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

4) Dead seahorses in brandy bottle found at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

3) Five-bladed flogger found at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

2) Post-apocalyptic bullet adorned gas mask found at Miami International Airport.

1) Movie prop corpse found at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

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I got it I got it ..no its a fake ..

Remember the time the TSA apprehended a terrorist or foiled a terrorist plot? Ya, me neither…

I do! It was around the time they hired the best and brightest, and paid them what they were worth via a meritocracy and maintained a high level of responsibility and professionalism…

OK, I am just kidding. I made all of that up, none of that ever happened, nor would it likely ever happen in government.