Atascadero man dies after body surfing in Morro Bay

January 22, 2017

An Atascadero man who was body surfing in Morro Bay on Saturday died after being pulled from the water.

At about 10:30 a.m., John Robbie Ross, 65, was body surfing in the heavy surf when the waves pulled him under. Onlookers watched as he struggle and then disappearedMorro Bay 4 from their view. His body was later discovered floating in the surf.

Rescuers pulled Ross from the water near Morro Rock and attempted to revive him. He was transported to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 1:20 p.m.

Safety officials are warning the public that with swells of up to 28 feet, the ocean is “extremely dangerous and can be deadly.”

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“sea”, not “see”

Thoughts and prayers……

Condolences to family and friends. There must be more to his story than body surfing in Morro Bay. All who enter the ocean on a regular basis know that Saturday was the biggest swell of the year. The runoff from our human foul makes the ocean a bacterial cocktail for a few days. The quality of waves on Saturday was generally caca at all the west facing shoreline. At 65 years old on that particular day; a very odd decision to enter the water.

I think that previous storms have already washed the worst of the “caca” out to see — long enough ago for it to be well diluted. The size of the waves was a different matter though. That stuff should be left to the best and those best should be careful too.

Sad story though. My condolences too.