Women’s march in SLO attracts thousands

January 21, 2017

SLO Womans march

Correction: Over 7,000 thousand people attended the San Luis Obispo Women’s March.

Thousands of people gathered at Mitchell Park in San Luis Obispo on Saturday morning for the Women’s March, a much larger-than-expected crowd in a march to protect the civil rights of women.

Following a 10 a.m. rally, protesters marched a 1-mile path through downtown San Luis Obispo. With over 7,000 protestors, as people finished marching, additional protestors were waiting in line to begin the 1-mile march.

Marchers, some in “pink vagina hats,” continued their protests as a light rain dampened the march.

While the marchers were mostly female and white, men and non-whites also joined the protesters. In addition to women’s rights, people marched for human rights, gay rights and for religious freedoms.

A group of seniors carried signs asking President Donald Trump to keep his “hands off Social Security and Medicare.” SLO womens march 5

Similar marches happened throughout the United States and the world. With hundreds of thousands of protesters, the largest march was in Washington, D.C.

At the rally, speakers voiced concerns that women’s rights could be denigrated with a president they said is routinely disrespectful to women. Marchers also noted their disappointment that Hillary Clinton lost her bid for the presidency.

While the Washington D.C. march was underway, Clinton tweeted: “Thanks for standing, speaking & marching for our values @womensmarch. Important as ever. I truly believe we’re always stronger together.”

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“At the rally, speakers voiced concerns that women’s rights…” How is publicly expressing “Thoughts of blowing up the white house” categorized as voicing anything but radicalism and promoting terrorism? How is Madonna not in Jail???.

I guarantee that if a rich white middle aged man spoke, at the White House, of blowing it up, he would be cooling his heals in the pokey.

Allowing this double standard for women is sexist, good luck getting the media to admit as much. I didn’t read anything about the inflammatory statements in this article, CCN.

You’ve had a very rich white guy who now resides in the White House who just Saturday very clearly stated that we should commit war crimes just “to keep the oil” from a sovereign country he might invade AGAIN! How is he’s not in jail?

“Clearly”, you and I saw a very different inaugural address which was “clearly” promoting a clear agenda to clear the slate of the clear disregard of the previous administration who clearly disregarded the clear intent of the Founding Fathers who clearly had the sovereignty of this Country at the clear forefront of their intent to protect and promote the “General” welfare (not meaning “Hand outs” ) of this Great country.

You are clearly promoting the “What can we get for free” agenda….Stop It! get on board on the “What can I do for my country” train and ride it to the land of the free (free from outside dependence) and the home of the Brave (willing to stand up for what is truly right, not Hollywood’s version)

Come On LA! (BTW, The Rams clearly suck, Americas Team will rise again!)

I’m not speaking of his inaugural address, I’m talking about what he clearly stated to a bunch of folks at Langley. Did you see that?

I promote nothing, other than the fact that this idiot is going to set us back years, maybe a generation, of rights that all of us have been fighting for. I’m sorry, not all of us, just those who prefer not to take a step in the a-typical conservative direction of dumb ass-backwardness!

Get on board? I’m on board. sport! Have been on board for quite some time! I just don’t like the current sea scout who you elected to take over the helm for the former Admiral who just retired.

And all of this coming from a Cowboys fan?! Go figure! Americas Team, as you refer to them as, were long ago replace in the popularity polls by two other teams more highly regarded than the cowgirls, Green bay (#1) and Pittsburg (#2) with the Broncos following close behind. I’ll give credit where credit is due, you’ve found a QB who can finally take them into playoffs, a running back that can carry a team when the QB can’t and an offensive line who can carry the load in any situation. But still again, just like the Romo era, even with best O’line and the best RB in football you just can’t seem to get past one game into the playoffs… We’ll just have to see what the future hold for both the Rams and the cowgirls…

Did you read how a bunch of journalists were arrested at anti-trump rallies on inaugural day and have been charged with felonies that can end them up in prison? No, not for participating but just for reporting. Or how your potus put a gag order out to the EPA and the USDA? And how he’s goin’ to build “The Wall” WITHOUT a cent of Mexican pesos to cover the cost? Get on board a dingy with a f***in’ hole the size of Dallas in it before it even leaves the docks? Nope! I’ll leave that to you and the other scallywag pirates who sail with this idiot…

The very notion of a “Women’s March” is sexist, divisive and hateful. It’s also a canard. This march was largely about demonstrating hatred and intolerance for President Donald Trump and to mourn the fact that our new president is not a female.

I’m not really sure what’s more disgusting — the lies surrounding the reasons for this event or the actual sexism, divisiveness and hatred being advanced by this event?

Imagine for a moment if Hillary Clinton would have been elected president and a group of men organized a “Men’s March.” Let’s say they tried to justify it with a string of lies when it reality, Hillary Clinton made them nauseous, they didn’t trust her unstable/conniving ways and they wanted others to know their feelings. The media would go absolutely crazy in condemnation of such an event, whether or not they told the truth at the beginning or not. Do you think the SLO City Manager and the SLO Chief of Police would have spoken at such an event? Not on your life!

This double standard is hideous, it’s unacceptable and it’s not camouflaged by invoking the tired “women’s rights” excuse. While this event might have caused some to feel “empowered”, in all reality this “Women’s March” did nothing more than further divide and harden people. Goof job, gals!

While this event achieved its real intent — to show hatred and intolerance for President Trump and to mourn the fact Trump is not a female, it did nothing to strengthen “women’s rights.” In fact it accomplished just the opposite. It showed that “women’s rights” to be nothing more than an excuse to hate and vilify, and that “feminism” is nothing more than a euphemism for sexism.

Only 14.2% of the top five leadership positions at the companies in the S&P 500 are held by women.

Women are almost half of the workforce. They are the equal, if not main, breadwinner in four out of ten families. They receive more college and graduate degrees than men. Yet, on average, women continue to earn considerably less than men. In 2015, female full-time workers made only 80 cents for every dollar earned by men, a gender wage gap of 20 percent. Women, on average, earn less than men in virtually every single occupation for which there is sufficient earnings data for both men and women to calculate an earnings ratio. In middle-skill occupations, workers in jobs mainly done by women earn only 66 percent of workers in jobs mainly done by men.

White men want to limit what women are allowed to do with their bodies. Claiming they are “Killing babies” when in fact that 1. It’s the Law. Remember how many Republicans are not against Mexicans, they don’t like them “breaking the law” 2. the white males deciding what a woman should do with their bodies can’t get pregnant and should STFU 92 percent are performed within the first 13 weeks.

You simply don’t get it. Even if what you say is true (it’s not), sexist, divisive events like this “women’s march” aren’t going to help to even things up. They’re going to divide people more and more and harden each in their positions. While it might have given the participants a thrill of feeling “empowered” it also clearly advertised what they are — sexists and bigots who rely on a double standard to get away with what they do.

The majority of people in the USA are tired of being erroneously vilified as: racists, sexists, misogynists, xenophobes, homophobes, deplorables, etc., simply because their attackers hold different personal opinions. A big reason Trump won was due to backlash from those who are tired of being unfairly judged. As a pendejo yourself, you should carefully ponder that before you feel the need to run your mouth next time.

You also show no regard for human life. The fact that an hideous law (R-W) was passed during a particularly sordid period in US history doesn’t make killing babies anything different than what it is: evil. There is nothing more anti-woman than abortion.

No, there is nothing more anti-women than a man who tells them what they can or can’t do with their bodies, period.

It’s your religious beliefs that dictate your position on this, nothing more.

Common sense and past history of the effects of making women’s reproductive rights illegal is very loud and clear that those past antiquated laws were nothing less than anti-women and can be seen as being anti-child as well.

The church now flounders on this subject, just recently the leader of your christian world, Pope Francis, allowed for the first time lowly priests to forgive the sin of abortion. The opinion is and the numbers prove this out as this being a measure to keep and bring back the current better informed woman who saw an intrusion into their lives that was unacceptable.

Besides the absolute arrogance and heretical attitude of a church that they can pass out forgiveness, it is again a man doing the legislating on a woman’s issue.

I think a true showing of any type of regard for human life starts with the fact that allowing a women to make her own choices is the first step. And sentencing a child to be in a world where he or she is not wanted, is a burden rather than a blessing, can’t be supported and more importantly may not have the love of their parent(s) is a the real sin of religious anti-abortion zealots.

Women threaten the church, the male dominated church. Keeping a woman’s reproductive rights in the hands of the men of the church keeps them, the men, in control.

As I have stated before the christians missed the bus on this issue; I’m gonna add a bit to that though…

The arrogance shown by a group of people who have been educated by a male dominated institution who have in its rank and file, including its hierarchy, some of the biggest pendejos on the planet in regards to abusing women and children should have no place in this conversation until they do a wholesale cleaning of their own closet(s).

The church failed in its inept attempt at teaching its “flocks” the true benefits of saying no so now it thinks its responsibility is to regain the traction it has lost by extending forgiveness they have no authority to grant. The church lost this fight some time ago and if they don’t stop their arrogance they’ll end up losing all…

SamLouis, if HIllary were president, and the alt-right was correct in their accusation that she would be advocating to remove 2nd Amendment protection then I bet you would have seen the “Men’s March” or a derivative thereof marching at some point.

Donald Trump, and most every other republican, has proposed curtailing a whole host of right’s women currently enjoy. So they have every right to make their political voices heard.

What you find divisive, is actually Americans’s expressing their political opinion and showing their political strength. It is as American as apple pie.

The fact that you find it so disturbing is disturbing in itself. You essentially demand fealty to Donald Trump, and want to quash and de-legitimize anyone who may oppose him.

You sum up their reasons for marching as “made up” to hide their real agenda…really?

An Administration can’t have it’s own set of “facts”. It shouldn’t be demonizing journalists, or finding the “other’s” in our society hand our ills on.

My father fought people who thought like that in WWII. What was that word we used for them again?

I want to see Trump succeed, but it is up to him to prove his worth to the nation. Don’t tell me, or women, or mexicans, or LGBT people to shut up and get in line.

Only authoritarians, and the brown shirts they control, would demand something like this.

Enjoy that distaste in your mouth.

If Hillary was President, not only would she be removing the 2nd Amendment, she would also remove the 1st Amendment with hate speech laws! The fact that the left is physically attacking and shooting their right wing enemies tells you all need to know.

And none of the trumpster’s were involved in violence? Get you had out of the sand. Violence is as bi-partisan as government should be…

Actually over 10,000 showed up and marched. And RU seems to be having a bad day. This huge outpouring of support for everything trump is not was attended by mostly white people, and almost an even number of men. These folks seek justice for everyone, even mr, rukidding.

Even the name of the event — “Woman’s March” is sexist and divisive.

Prove it!

It’s only sexist if it is discriminative of the other sex. How can a policy made for women because of an issue that only deals with women be sexist?

Divisive? Only if a man, or another woman, is somehow threatened by an empowered woman!

Millions of women, joined by many, many men, from AROUND THE WORLD came together to debunk your religious claim of “sexism and divisiveness”.

Start a new up-to-date argument not steeped in ancient religious dogma and you may get a real conversation going…

As a white male I have been prejudiced for years. While other colors and genders have been profiled in order to gain jobs, advancements, college entrances and other benefits before us we have not protested, burnt and destroyed properties of others, harmed police or used vulgar language in front of thousands. And we didn’t have to bring attention to our privates in order to get attention.

Thank you to all of the veterans who have sacrificed so much in order that our country allows this shameful behavior.

I actually don’t think it would be too difficult for everyone to come together and come up with sensible solutions to problems. Ive always found that once you get down to it almost everyone is fair and reasonable. But the people who profit from problems use their lapdogs in the media to divide everyone up into different camps that refuse to work together. I can’t stand all the garbage on tv that purposely focuses on only the most divisive instances of behavior. I cant remember the last time the media tried to foster genuine dialogue. But I think that’s the last thing they want.

I think you’re right depending on the quality of the individuals that make up the body that need to come together to come up with sensible solutions to problems.

What I see as the real issue is the the type of person that’s elected today to represent us at the table. Think about the factors it takes today to even want to run for office, not to mention actually get elected.

One has to have a huge ego to begin with. One must have a cutthroat attitude towards their fellow humans. Honesty means very little to very many of those that run for office. One must also have a great sense of self-preservation-first.

Now take a room full of people that have the above qualities and place them into a room with other smiliar individuals to sit down and come up with solutions. The result is often a train wreck — which ALWAYS benefits ALL of them, and often very few of none of the rest of us.