Cal Poly and fascism

January 31, 2017
Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos


Today Cal Poly is providing a platform for fascism by inviting Milo Yiannopoulos onto campus. For those of you who may need a tutorial on the subject of fascism, just remember these four letters: D.I.C.K.

Dismantle government, Ignore the rule of law, Censor the press, and Keep hate alive.

This is all you need to know about fascism, Milo Yiannopoulos and Donald Trump (whom Milo weirdly refers to as his “daddy”).

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By all means! If he doesn’t agree with you then he must not be allowed to speak. You alone are the arbiter of truth.

Such hubris.

Allan. If you don’t like what he has to say, don’t attend. I’m sure this Milo character enjoys the extra free publicity he gets from people whining about his events. I would have never heard of this, but for the whining on KVEC and in CalCoast news. Now I kind of want to go to see what the fuss is all about.

I agree. If you don’t like ____, then don’t do/have _____…but don’t try and stop others from _____. Works beautifully in so many scenarios!

As an instructor at calpoly, I’m continually forced to take harassment training that tells me over and over that the things coming out of Milo’s mouth are wrong on many levels. The admin is a bunch of hypocrites for allowing this guy to speak on campus. Hey calpoly, your donations are going to take a big hit from this poor decision. Additionally, how many classes is calpoly not going to offer as a result of having to pay for the extra security for Milo?

Cal Poly is a public institution and thus can not bar controversial speakers from renting their facilities. Something called the First Amendment.

Where is that extra thousands of dollars coming from out of curiosity? i cant imagine hiring all the extra police is cheap, I’m guestimating somewhere over 30-50k; overtime, gasoline, prep etc. I am sorry for peoples negatively affected there too, teachers students alike, truly. I know many staffers there personally, feeling a bit uneasy.

Oh it wasn’t even controversial, I watched it, just the Republican group rubbing things in the faces of another group. Controversial is the KKK being Christian.

You and your ilk are the biggest problem this country faces. Most college professors do nothing more than brainwash the young people that they are suppose to be teaching how to survive and cope in today’s world. Instead of doing what you are paid to do you spout your Marxist agenda day in and day out until you turn our youth ignorant cry babies. Don’t think that the people of this country do not see what you are trying to do. We can be thankful that many of the people in this country are smart enough to not buying what you are selling.

So basically, you have admittedly been brainwashed by the Cal Poly Administration and can no longer think for yourself? …..and you are an instuctor? Great for indoctrinating more students! I think you should have attended the event.

YOU Mr. Prof are part of PROBLEM that has corrupted Cal Poly!! Professors who should be more worried about “teaching” their subjects at the University along with a University that should NOT BE coddling this students who are WHINNING AGAIN (sigh) These are probably the same snots that feel to pieces after Trump’s election. What the heck are these irrational little crybabies going to do out in the real world when they are faced with things at work or people WHO DON’T think the SAME way they do?? Aren’t these little turds always the ones preaching “tolerance” and freedom of speech? So, the left-wingers can have people at their events that talk about “blowing up the Whitehouse” and speakers who were murderers, rapist, who tortured a person and extorted money…and that’s acceptable???

I don’t know anything about this Milo but – I do know that if Michael Moore was to come to Cal Poly they’d be all ok with that…I THINK HE PREACHES HATE speech but I wouldn’t DENY a group of idiotic minded people their right to listen to the slime ball. I’m so glad that the Administration did not CRAVE this time to the little brats – they need to learn some “real world” lessons and if they can’t stand it then go crawl back home to their warm fuzzy little crib and suck on a paci and have Mummy and Dadda coddle them, not my tax dollars.

So as long as there are enough paid Progressive agitators in masks and black hoodies (Seems strange… in my history classes at Poly I sort of remember black being a favorite goon squad color in Italy during the 1920s) Cal Poly should avoid confrontation over offending the suppressors of the First Amendment? Not to worry I’ll make a donation for you in Milo’s name for everyone’s right to freedom of speech and assembly here in America. Look on the bright side I do hear there are some good teaching openings in Cuba where the rules might be more to your liking…

Don’t believe media propaganda! Go to youtube and see for yourself how brilliantly funny, refreshing and intelligent Milo is and his accurate take on current events.

Would love to attend, but working. I hope it’s not cancelled. Will be watching live on YouTube.

Agree. Pot/kettle. Free speech – He has the right to express his views wether we agree with him or not, the same as those of you who just protested last week. I didn’t agree with many of them, but I chose to accept. We are ALL entitled to this same right.

I know nothing about this guy, but I always thought free speech protected all speech, not just what you agree with. If you disagree with him, either ignore him or argue with him. Or get yourself invited to speak.

Exactly the same as many on the “Left” are doing. Pot/kettle

Only two thoughts on this:

1) This is able to be posted as an opinion piece? I mean, knowing that this disjointed rambling can get posted, I should look into submitting opinion pieces to CCN.

2) Did the whole thing load? That is the only question I’m sitting here wondering now.

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