Cal Poly and fascism

January 31, 2017
Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos


Today Cal Poly is providing a platform for fascism by inviting Milo Yiannopoulos onto campus. For those of you who may need a tutorial on the subject of fascism, just remember these four letters: D.I.C.K.

Dismantle government, Ignore the rule of law, Censor the press, and Keep hate alive.

This is all you need to know about fascism, Milo Yiannopoulos and Donald Trump (whom Milo weirdly refers to as his “daddy”).

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This is what sticks out to me…

This man represents two things that the right absolutely hates and they still embrace him…

He’s gay and his boyfriend is black…

Gotta get your misplaced “values” represented somewhere even to the point of enlightening all of us how easy it is for you to give up anything you once spewed as your “core value(s)” just to get what you want.

No one is trying to silence you, your hypocrisy does that all on it’s own. You’re free to expose yourselves as the two faced hypocrites you truly are… Freedom of Speech has a way of exposing this, so head on!

I’m sure he appreciates your permission and support.

Well put. Disconcerting to see the few regular right wing trolls who haunt this site attempt to perform the mental gymnastics required to reconcile the extreme, fascist, hateful, right wing views of Yiannopoulos with anything other than what they are. As much as I view all US corporate, warmongering US presidents the same, even I am surprised at how bad the obscene, cowardly, draft dodging Trump has been, but saddened to see otherwise decent people attempt to apologize and or excuse his dreadful actions and behavior. Make the best of it while you can, at his current level of incompetence, odds are that Trump won’t last a year. In a more sane and just world, the end of Trump will lead to the US rebuilding itself from scratch and become the kind of nation which it’s citizens can be proud of, instead of the right wing, fascist bastion of the corporate elite it has become…

Lets be clear, by “extreme, fascist, hateful,” you mean thought that differs from yours.

Why is this an Opinion Piece? This truly is more of a troll post to a real topic. I hope CCN just had a light week for Op-Eds and this is not a sign of things to come. There is no “meat” in here, there is no “opinion” really, just an unloading of intolerance and hatred. Something, if done from the right, would likely never make it to print / web (and it would also not be correct in calling it an op-ed).

While I personally find Milo’s views and comments to be repugnant, I defend his right to hold and say them. I also defend the rights of students to hear them. Censorship totally sucks, regardless of whether it’s censorship by the left or censorship by the right.

Alan, after reading your opinion piece, I suspect that D.I.C.K. is more likely to mean what you are doing right now…

Democratic-Egghead Ignites Caustic Keystrokes

I don’t know much about Milo Yiannopoulos, but how is your caustic article any better than anything Mr. Yiannopoulos might be saying? You accuse him of being a dick that “keep[s] hate alive”, but in doing this and calling him a fascist, you are being one yourself.

This is the key to the modern democrat party modus operandi – something, they do not realize because of their blinding rage, that really turns off people who are not equally foaming at the mouth over politics and ideology.

Free Speech¹

1. …as long as it agrees with me.


He’s gay, his boyfriend is black, those two things are repugnant to the right, RIGHT? So why defend him or his right to Free Speech while not defending his right to marry or have a relationship with the person of his choice.

Cherry pick what you will but I will expect you to be at the front of this man’s list of references if he and his partner decide to adopt, RIGHT?!!!

When their arguments go nowhere they go to the fascist card. It worked for for them in the past but not any longer. This is a free speech nation and always will be. Angry children in the streets will not change that.

There would be no need to pay for security if not for the loving, tolerant and inclusive alt left threatening to not be so.

After watching the live youtube feed through its entirety, which consisted of some very low brow racism, abortion rants and very ill supported statistics, I came to the conclusion that this whole show was a minority group sponsoring him to harass another minority group on campus. I’ve seen comedy night at Poly with ” real talent”. The event was honestly bad, and it’s sad people got so worked up. I could have watched a TED talk instead in of waisting time with that. Freedom of speech was not an issue, the issue is a few poly students harassing people’s by inviting him. Milo was akward, dull and not funny, so I feel.

The professor’s creed: My door is always open, but my mind is always closed.

I’d bet he’d be welcomed to all if his “intolerance” was more along the lines that SLO shows towards the mentally ill, homeless and or those arrested and not convicted! He’d be a headliner, a person of “moral high-ground”, someone to be listened to, a true representative of the folks of SLO.

Get over yourselves! This guy is you!