Former mayoral candidate arrested for attempted bank robbery

January 1, 2017
Charles John Scovell II

Charles John Scovell II

Following an alleged bank robbery attempt and car chase, Paso Robles police arrested a former Atascadero mayoral candidate. Charles Scovell, 37, ran for mayor in 2014.

Shortly after 2 p.m. on Friday, a customer at the Heritage Oaks Bank on 12th Street reported that another drive through customer was yelling and ordering a bank teller to give him money. After failing to collect any cash, Scovell drove away.

After officers pulled Scovell over on 13th Street, Scovell got out of his vehicle, but then quickly got back in and drove away. With CHP and police in pursuit, Scovell headed east on Highway 46.

The chase ended when Scovel crashed the vehicle, which police said was stolen, on Highway 46 in Kern County. Scovell was taken by air ambulance to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center’s intensive care unit. His current condition has not been disclosed.

Scovell is facing charges of attempted robbery, terrorist threats, auto theft and evading arrest, police said. Scovell has had multiple domestic violence and alcohol related arrests.

On Jan. 15, 2016, Scovell was involved in a standoff with police after he hit a woman several times with a beer bottle. Stovell pleaded no contest to two felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

As part of a plea deal, Scovell avoided incarceration as long as he stayed out of trouble for at least five years. He now faces up to 14 years in prison for the assault with a deadly weapon conviction.


Fourteen years = seven years with good behavior (although that might not be the case here!)and realignment means he’ll do three years in county jail. Under the new law these types of crimes, like beating up someone, are not considered “violent.”

Whatever happened to the three strikes law? He’s already got two felonies.


Say what you want but you’ve got to hand it to him, he takes a great mug shot.


He should run for supervisor…


No, he should run for Senator just like Obama, then the presidency


Once again, the media is blowing this up because they just want stories. First, Charlie did not attempt to rob the stupid bank. He was joking with the teller as she will attest. Second, Paso Ford had loaned him the truck to try out as Charlie was thinking about buying it. Please Karen do your research on this.


So, driving from Paso Robles to Kern County while being pursued by the police was just test driving the vehicle? Sorry standup, your explanation just doesn’t make sense. Car dealerships don’t report cars as being stolen when the car is being loaned to a customer unless that customer doesn’t return the vehicle when they promised that they would.


I gotta side with SLO_Johnny here. The media (including CCN) does sometimes omit important information that contradicts a sensationalistic story. However, unless the story is entirely lies, your narrative doesn’t add up.

The best spin I could put on it would be to take your story and add in that Scovell was heavily under the influence of something and made some serious errors in judgment. That is probably not even the case. Sorry Charlie!


How do you plan on explaining away his fleeing from the police and crashing the car? Sorry, standup, but you are the one that needs to do their research!


40% of Atascadero voted this man to be mayor….


You’re surprised?


Atascadero also crowned Kelly Gearhart as citizen of the year. They sure know how to pick them in A-town!

just thinking

just thinking…. whom does this remind me? Ha!!! The Bob Newhart Show with Darrell, Darrell and Darrell!!!!! Mugshot looks like Darrell.


“Former mayoral candidate arrested for attempted bank robbery”

Too bad politics didn’t work out for him, he would have fit right in with all of the other crooks.


LOL, you just can’t make this stuff up. SLO county, land of opportunity


Mugshot looks like Alfred E. Neuman.


What…Me worry?