Grover Beach planning marijuana business zone

January 13, 2017

legalize-marijuana-california-environmentThe Grover Beach Planning Commission unanimously endorsed a city plan to create a marijuana business district on Wednesday.

Grover Beach plans to establish the marijuana district in a 70-acre industrial zone that is located between Farroll Road and Highland Way and South 4th Street and South 13th Street. The initial plan only allows for medical marijuana dispensaries to open. Recreational pot shops may open in the area when the state of California begins licensing them in 2018.

Marijuana business activities that would be permissible in the district include pot grows, dispensaries, nurseries, manufacturing operations and testing laboratories. Business will have to obtain local and state licensing.

In conjunction with the statewide vote to legalize marijuana, Grover Beach voters backed a pot tax measure on the November ballot. The initiative imposes a maximum 5 percent tax on gross receipts for medical marijuana business activity and a maximum 10 percent tax on non-medical marijuana businesses.

Additionally, pot farms and nurseries will be taxed at a maximum of $25 per square foot of canopy on the first 5,000 square feet and $10 per square foot thereafter. An additional state excise tax was passed as part of Proposition 64.

The marijuana zone plan is expected to go to the Grover Beach City Council on Feb. 6. At that meeting, the council will also consider adopting its marijuana tax ordinance.

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Expensive fees, high taxes a bootleggers dream.

Is that like the old “Red Light Districts?”

Girl Scouts…..triple order the cookies and head to Grover Beach….!

Great that this is being prioritized. It clearly is the most important thing to do. Coming to a community near you.

Grover Beach plans to establish the marijuana district in a 70-acre industrial zone that is located between Farroll Road and Highland Way and South 4th Street and South 13th Street.


Wrong. So bad.

The last thing you want is an mj district. You don’t want an mj district any more than you want an alcohol district or a prescription medicine district or a banking district.

You don’t want to concentrate sales in one small area. You want sales spread all over the place exactly so there is no concentration, no district. Just like how alcohol is sprinkled everywhere or banks.

Government can be so pathetic, if we can tax it then let’s promote it. Likewise we need to stop funding all agencies that deal with the consequences otherwise we will have a complete financial and social melt down. Personal accountability is what we can afford because the tax yield is for employee wages, medical benefits and pensions. Oh yes, there are those that believe the new tax monies will have a net social benefit. Get Zoned for Pot, now brought to you by your local government.

You hit it right on the head. Something that government never considers since there are no consequences for incompetency or failure is what is the return on investment?

Grover Beach is apparently attempting to get there foot in the door to become the marijuana hub for the county. Like everywhere else in the nation this will come with some baggage which will fall back onto the citizens of Grover Beach as they will not be equipped to handle what they are creating.

More fees, bonds and taxes and marijuana will make the city happy. Could this result in a turf was with San Luis Obispo to see who will be the happiest?

I fail to see any significant “consequences” that will accompany this action. Will there be some increased costs and problems? Yes, but not enough to outweigh the probable benefits.

I would suggest that you do some research on the Western states that have legalized the sale of marijuana. There have been several impacts on society with an increase in crime, usually theft, increase in fatal car accidents and the introduction to some of a gateway drug. It’s been legalized and there will be consequences just like with most other changes.

Exactly wrong. ten percent decrease in violent crime.thirteen percent murder rate DROP.

Generated seventy million in state and local tax revenue. WA.

Colorado experienced no rise in teen drug use .

Drug arrests are way down.saving jurisdiction cost unless you are black.

Drug policy alliance report just out Thursday.

Update your marijuana facts I suggest you do some research and cease lazy

Very unfortunate that it appears that poor old Grover Beach is just going after the tax and fees. Government at its best.

That is the American way! Think about it…..every holiday on the Gregorian calendar….involves spending.

Of course they are and why shouldn’t they? What better way to raise funds is there than to encourage legitimate businesses with a high enough profit margin to pay high fees and taxes?

Would you rather see them raise property taxes? Add a 1/4% sales tax? Higher fees for every type of permit they offer?

There goes the neighborhood. Sacrificed for short term profits. Just wait and see.

Someone should start a “sitcom playoff” show. Meth-heads versus Stoners….WHO WILL WIN????

The winos will win. Long live wine tasting.