Morro Bay man tries to self-immolate to protest Trump

January 19, 2017

A Morro Bay man reportedly tried to set himself on fire outside the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. Tuesday night. The protester suffered burns and set off an explosion but survived to tell a local news reporter that “we have a dictator.”

KSBY reports the protester who attempted to self-immolate was Theodore De Mont.

NBC Washington, D.C. reporter Shomari Stone interviewed De Mont shortly after he tried to set himself on fire. De Mont said he did it “because we have a dictator,” and he was “protesting the fact that we’ve elected somebody who is completely incapable of respecting the Constitution of the United States.”

During the brief interview, a fire was visible on Pennsylvania Avenue and an explosion could be heard.

“It’s denatured alcohol. It’s done now. Trust me. It’s done,” De Mont said.

Responders transported De Mont to the hospital. His current condition is unclear.

President-elect Donald Trump is due to be inaugurated on Friday. Trump’s new hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, which is located close to the White House, has become a gathering place for protesters.

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Funny We Never saw This Stuff when they elected “Whats His Name” Let me get this straight We should of Elected Clinton as President.. What The .. The answer is NO NO Not ever, new movement Never Clinton Ever again..

Yea Trump !

I didn’t know “burning man” is now being held in DC!

……………………………………… DARWIN AWARD WINNER ……………………………………………..

And but of course….he’s probably on “ObamaCare” – Covered California – getting a subsidy (while I pay out the nose) and so goes MY insurance increases because we have to PAY FOR IDIOTS like this who do STUPID ASININE stunts to further prove their ignorance!!



Sounds like a Mexican dessert.

Since when did “setting yourself on fire” deserve its own special name?

Setting yourself on fire does not sound nearly as important so let’s stick with “setting yourself on fire”.

There are probably better (safer!) ways to protest.

Better, yet, seem that the Monks who did this in S. Vietnam as a protest ended up having a Communist police state who murdered their fellow monks with zero concern for human rights or freedom of religion…

If you had only one choice who do you want to be your neighbor, De Mont or Trump?

Hmmmm… Lets see? De Mont, of course! You?

I would like to have a few examples of mainstream media, other than Fox, who have been caught in outright lies… Please.

This is a genuine question… If you have reliable sources to any lies from main stream media (to make it easier just stick to all things trump and the campaign leading up to his “election”), other than Fox. please list them and who reported them. I’d be interested in reading about them. Include or ignore trump’s lies as you see fit…

There were more than a few news sources that claimed the LA Rams were a real football team, sorry can’t cite them but I’m certain you know how to use that thingy Al Gore invented to look it up yourself. Also enjoy the video of Obama’s commutation of terrorists…

More sources recognize the fact that the Rams are no where near being a “real” NFL team right now than recognize the fact that trump is a no where near to being a viable president.

I’m am not a fan of what Obama did in regards to Mr. Lopez Rivera, and I don’t agree. He should stay in prison for the rest of his life as not to threaten any more lives, American or otherwise.

I’m a fan of the Los Angeles Rams because of a traditional value that my father gave to me before his passing in 1962 (I was 6 at the time); a love of a team through thick and thin, in good times and bad, without consideration of location or standings and always with the hope of what tomorrow WILL bring!

I was in the Cayucos Tavern when the Rams won the Super Bowl, the bartender and myself were the only Rams Fans there. I cried, I did. I tipped one for the Rams and one for my Dad. They’ll be there again, you know why? Because my Dad says so…

Examples of Dishonest Media:

CNN and PissGate.

Dan Rather and George W Bush AWOL during the 04 Election.

The entire media any time a black criminal is shot by a cop.

Your silence speaks volumes…


As does your ignorance.

So, help me out! Point out my ignorance, please! I’m asking you as a person who can’t seem to find any example of the main stream media lying, other than Fox. Did they get things wrong? You betcha! But outright unabashed with malice lying? I can’t, other than Fox!

This is convenient though; your president has demonized and marginalized both the media and the intelligence communities to his benefit! Not yours BeenThereDoneThat, nor mine, but his!

So, cure my ignorance BeenThereDoneThat; or is your ignorance self inflicted and so comforting that you can’t look outside the margins your president has set down as it might blow your world up?

I’m just looking for some truth, you?

Ever heard the saying………..truth through admission? Well mainstream is leaving out the truth by not asking the questions about it. Look at Hillary’s campaign as a prime example. We don’t get the truth because your beloved mainstream won’t ask it when it exists, if it hurts who they want.

Nope never heard that saying…

I think you meant….a half-truth…is a LIE BY OMISSION….truth through admission does not make sense.

By not asking the questions…it makes the mainstream media liars…got it…Though I remember a deluge of questions, so I suspect you just didn’t like the answers.

You can ..admit the truth….but there is no such thing as truth through admission.

It is hard to get to any kind of truth–if you don’t have a basic grasp of vocabulary to interpret what is presented…so I suspect your filter for the mainstream media may be slightly askew.

What questions should they have asked? They even went so far as to ask why she preferred pant suits to skirts or dresses! What I think you mean is they didn’t get the answers YOU wanted so of course the media is a liar.

Well, you got want you voted for, a man (and I use the word “man” very loosely and broadly here) who uses a common Republican form of “truth” called (and by-the-way a widely accepted definition) “truth by repetition”.

The media got it wrong! I can live with that; but all of us can only hope that trump doesn’t get his way and marginalize them (the media) to the point of being obsolete. We’ll see as he tries, and probably will succeed, in moving the press from OUR White House to somewhere else leaving him and his administration to run amuck without any scrutiny.

O.k. that was a boner. Should be truth though omission.

Well, locally, a police department put out a press release regarding a criminal that was totally false, all the local news media printed it as fact obviously without any fact checking or follow-up, and the police justified it to catch a criminal. I don’t know who this reflects worse on, the police or the media…

Nationally all the polls were wrong, yet the mainstream media continued to predict a Clinton victory.

Sometimes the media relies on law enforcement to do what they are sworn to do, uphold the law, that includes not lying, even to the lowly press. Is that wrong or is it just trust misplaced, that’s the quagmire.

Yes, the polls were wrong but who knew? You, me or anyone else out there who in the past could follow those same polls with almost certainty of the predicted outcome was wrong. Where I find the fault of the media is how they took the “bait” every time trump opened his mouth. You remember the day when the “Bus incident” was first reported? Do you know what the lead story that day was before being “trumped” by the bus bullshit? “U.S. government accuses Russia of hacking election system”. The truly important news of the day was overridden by the bus bullshit and never, ever got the traction it was due. “Bait and Switch” used to its fullest potential.

I like Rachel Maddow and in turn I have to watch MSNBC, but not after watching that network, including Ms Maddow, rip trump a new one and then take his money for his ads on their network. That’s no better, in my opinion, than anything Fox news HAS ever done. How can you be impartial, fair and accurate when you take ad’ dollars from the person you so adamantly oppose? But that’s the media we have come to expect these days, right? Especially in our “corporate culture” that all but gives these criminal conglomerates a pass on anything so long as their stock holders are kept happy.

I don’t know what the truth is anymore, do you? Yesterday it was one thing and tomorrow it will be something completely different. trump monopolized that fact, used it to his advantage and then turned it back onto the media to demonize them. Genius…

And we think the Middle East fanatics cause people to do crazy things? We need put a lid on the fake news media and their propaganda causing sensible people to go out of control. I can’t argue the vigilant believers who preach the evils of our media and for that reason do not read the papers, listen or watch broadcasts. I pray for a smooth transition and the stamina needed to build the strength that protects our freedoms. And the best for De Mont’s recovery.

Not fake news, but a darwin award winner…

Thankfully he contained his protest to self affliction. Nothing worse than the, off center, taking out innocent people and surviving for the taxpayers to house and feed. It’s all so wrong yet our media promotes it. I do not no of any who privately sneak off into the wild and torch themselves.

It happens outside of our “media” more than we probably suspect. I can still remember the Buddhist Monk who set himself afire in Saigon over the Vietnam War (nobody that I can remember referred to him as “crazy”). And self inflicted death by fire is only one example how people protest “to their own death” about social issues; some don’t eat, some face down armed oppression by standing un-armed knowing they’ll get killed, others have hung themselves and probably many more ways of committing suicide that I can’t think of or would want to.

I’m glad he didn’t include anyone else either… I wonder what those who knew Mr. De Mont would say of him.