Sheriff deputies coming to Nipomo Mesa

January 9, 2017

slo sheriff flashThere will soon be San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies stationed on the Nipomo Mesa, if the board of supervisors approves a development deal on Tuesday. [Tribune]

An agreement between Monarch Dunes LLC and SLO County calls for the property owner to provide an on-site sheriff’s facility and pay $594,000 toward a future substation in the Nipomo area.The sheriff’s office will place deputies at the on-site facility until the substation is built.

Monarch Dunes LLC owns the Nipomo Mesa property on which the Trilogy development is located. Trilogy at Monarch Dunes is currently a 957-acre, mixed-use development consisting of about 740 homes, a business park and 18-hole and 12-hole golf courses.

The entire project, which was previously called Woodlands Village, was approved in 2002 and is being constructed in four phases. Last January, the county planning commission approved the second phase of the project, which entails a maximum of 1,320 homes, as well as trails and open space.

On Tuesday, the board of supervisors is scheduled to vote on a resolution approving a 200-square-foot sheriff’s substation and a corresponding bond and lease, as well as open space agreements. The agreements are between the county and Monarch Dunes LLC, as well as Shea Homes, the developer.

The county will lease a minimum of 200 square feet of space near the Village Center area at Monarch Dunes to be used for the interim sheriff’s facility. The lease will have a span of 15 years, and the county will pay $1 a year in rent.

It is unclear when the sheriff’s substation will be built.

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South SLO County is overdue for a Sherriff’s station. Santa Barbara County development and social issues are heading this way therefore SLO County does not want to become a void in public safety. Venture into Santa Maria then make your own assessment weather or not we need to be vigilant in our public safety mission.

Now how will the “Deputies” justify going to have coffee every night with 20 other cops all the way to the Starbucks in AG? They look like a bunch of over paid, under worked caffeine addicted teenagers every time I go to the movies.

I gotta hand it to Sheriff Ian Parkinson. He could sure sell some Ocean Front Property in Arizona. I wish he was my boss- hooking me up with job opportunities, panga boat catchers, unicorn catchers, and PHAT raises.

I think the County should have rented a mobile home “substation” out of the Galaxy mobile home park in Nipomo. More appropriately located, quicker to respond to problems. Also, a few could throw on some Slayer shirts and go undercover. But I am sure the crime out at the Country Club needs some quick response too!

Maybe Sheriff Fellows will be assigned to this new area, there has to be places out there were he can drive at 100mph+, drunk and not risk every other driver on the road like he did when he did that on LOVR. But then again he thinks nothing will happen to him by his illegal actions and thanks to Sheriff Parkinson he is right.

Who says backroom deals are a thing of the past!?

Well, they may actually be, as most are conducted right in front of us, in the front-room, in full view of the apathetic public. Awesome.

What a deal. Monarch Dunes gets a private security force at tax payer expense! Great sales point!