5 injured as 2 cars crash into Cambria bakery

February 26, 2017

A 40-year-old Cambria man is in jail after he crashed his truck into The French Corner Bakery on Saturday morning injuring five customers who were inside the business, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Shortly before 8 a.m., Jeremy Preston was driving his Chevrolet truck on Main Street when he ran a stop sign at Burton Drive and hit a parked truck. Preston continued driving and then crashed into a parked Mercedes propelling both his truck and the Mercedes into The French Corner Bakery.

Inside, one customer suffered major injuries while the other four injured customers had minor to moderate injuries.

Officers arrested Preston for driving under the influence and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail with his bail set at $100,000.

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Do any of you know what Jeremy was under the influence of? Always quick to judge. Thank god no one was killed…..

Uhhm. Legalize it?

All the suggestions to mitigate drunk driving behavior; breathalyzer’s, public transportation, removal of temptation,etc., cannot legislate away stupid.

Stupid is as stupid does. Or in this case– 8 am drunks do what they do. How can you change that behavior?.. . There’s not much society can do about that. Removing alcohol from sight as was suggested doesn’t make people any less alcoholic. It just makes me wander around the store longer than I like to get my booze.

I get mkaney’s point too. MADD has not alleviated this issue of drunk driving. Awareness campaign’s don’t work on people who are drunk. And as soon as you’re drunk you forget earlier lessons learned–so it is not effective. Just like the “just say no” campaign was worthless. Saying “no” when sober is easy.

We haven’t seen drunk driving plummet — it remains fairly static. But the industry surrounding drunk driving has skyrocketed. Fines, etc. go to support the police state–which hasn’t been effective in removing drunk drivers from the road. So we should put money into programs that work to solve the problem.

We’ve ratcheted it up. Now I am not saying it was the appropriate course of action, but in the old days the cops would escort you home or drive you there–no jail. I am talking about the borderline BAC arrests that have risen drastically–not the .18 BAC and beyond drunks.

I don’t know about you but I would have been happy to pull over back then. Now, even drunk people can do the long division when getting pulled over and know full well that it will cost them dearly. Great you say; until they decide to make a run for it to avoid the harsh penalties–and zoom off they go at high speed avoiding the authorities.

Drive them home I say–like the good old days–, and then have a drunk counselor visit them at home or work the next day to discuss their transgression. We may avoid the “evasions” that have skyrocketed along with the more aggressive policing promoted and promulgated by MADD.

They are well intended, but have helped to create a lot of tragic unintended consequences along the way with the zero tolerance policy they’ve help to institute nation-wide.

If our current policies were effective we would have seen results by now. Time to try something new.

try going into a Safeway. more booze displayed than you can imagine like a cat begging at a sanctuary to be brought home

We just need a device that proves sobriety in order to start a car

But then several of Sheriff Parkinson’s deputies would not be able to drive anywhere, though they would probably get an exemption to this law too.

After years of decline, alcohol-related crashes are on the rise again nationally. Last year, more than 17,000 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes nationwide, which breaks down to one death every 30 minutes. In addition, about 258,000 people were injured in alcohol-related crashes, which translates to an average of one person injured every two minutes.

A sad commentary regarding our culture.

there are more drivers on the road now.

Those drunk driving laws are really working aren’t they?! Since they starting ramping them up over 40 years ago, fatalities from DUIs as a percentage of fatalities from all accidents has dropped exactly ZERO. It is time that we re-think our approach. Although I am not a fan of government spending, this same money could be spent on providing more publicly funded options for transportation especially around the critical times. And maybe if people were held accountable for they do, instead of what they might do, they might be more prone to stick around after accidents rather than make the problem so much worse, like the guy clearly did here.


In my opinion, the most effective approach is to put the hammer down on the first offense. Do away with conditional licenses (to and from work). Immediately suspend, no 30 day temp license, and give a mandatory 30 day jail sentence. 3 yr suspension on 1st offense. Permanent license revocation on 2nd.

There’s a girl in Lompoc who killed a woman while DUI. She did some short time and now has a valid license. Why is that?