Complaints lodged over sexist SLO Chamber video

February 14, 2017

At least two complaints have been lodged against the City of San Luis Obispo after the fire chief and city manage participated in creating a video that sexually objectifies firefighters.

The video, shown at the annual SLO Chamber of Commerce dinner on Jan. 20, was created as a spoof to promote the chamber. In the video, female chamber employees ask fire Chief Garret Olson about a full monty calendars and hot, shirtless firefighters.

Both Olson and SLO City Manager Katie Lichtig are featured in the video.

On Monday, the firefighters’ union asked the city to mount an investigation into the sexual objectification of firefighters by city officials.

“Members of Local 3523 are disturbed, sad and embarrassed that the highest-ranking city officials blatantly demeaned their chosen profession and believed it appropriate to sexually objectify city firefighters both publically [sic] at the chamber’s annual dinner and to circulate the video on the internet,” according to the union.


Here’s my problem: what professional, living in today’s world, would think this is a good idea? It’s in very poor taste, if not worse. These are the individuals WE pay to serve us, act with respect for our citizens and use our resources wisely. They have failed us here.

And don’t give me the snowflake crap: if the roles were reversed and your daughter was involved, you would not be happy. And, by the way, Ms. Reitner (responding to the Fibune article): sexual harassment isn’t limited to the physical.


Just one word. Inappropriate.


I’m concerned about the hypocrisy expressed here. It’s OK for the firefighters to produce calendars that include shirtless of half dressed men, but not make a humorous video

Did members of Local 3523 express this much concern when one of their colleagues beat a man senseless in a washroom?

As i said before, this city has some real issues that need to be dealt with.


Who says a calendar was produced?


This is how our “bravest” make news. Either being offended by a stupid video, suing the city for some laughable overtime loophole, watching buildings burn down, and protecting violent predators within their ranks. This department is a joke. Do something impressive or stay off the radar. And remember tonight is enchilada night, so be sure to take the truck and 5 dudes down to the supermarket and get loaded up on supplies.

The Daily

Survey says that Chamber and City employees who are running for cover now are going to point the finger outward that certain people are too sensitive and can’t take a joke. Tell that to countless women who have been objectified over the years by their male counterpart supervisors or co-workers in public and private sectors…..they can’t take a joke and are too sensitive. The other side issue present is jealousy over the retirement system.

eradicate ignorance

I’m offended. Not because it is sexist…it is a terrible video…amateur hour.


Reverse the roles, male city administrator making a similar video of female employees, he would be fired by now. So why hasn’t that happened yet?

Shocked in MB

Grow up firefighters!!!

In the future we will all be existing in our little cocoon so that we cannot hear/see anything that might be “micro aggressive” to our sensitive ears/eyes. Don’t think so? Look around you and you will see that people are already going there. Sit in a restaurant and watch 4 people sitting around one table -Not a word spoken as they sit with their phones in their little cocoon.


This is an E-Ticket for termination of all involved. It’s a misuse of taxpayers funds using city facilities, fire trucks and city employees let alone the city manager and fire chief for this activity.

I’m sure that if this was done by the lower ranked employees such as the hard working employees who actually work hard to take care of the parks, roads, wastewater etc. that the city manager probably would not have blinked an eye in terminating those employees if they would have done this. Now we know how the people who think that they are impossible to replace seem to be enjoying spending our tax money.

They need to be held responsible for this,




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