Milo Yiannopoulos protest at Cal Poly, photos

February 2, 2017

In advance of Milo Yiannopoulos’ speech on Tuesday, dozens of protesters gathered on campus near Spanos Theater. Some of the protesters were dressed in black and wearing masks other wore masks.


See the photo gallery here

Milo protest 6

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So as Members of The GOP we had to take 8 years of the last president, and the hard times Now it’s ok For Crazy Kids to Tell Us what we can & can not hear.. Wake Up You LOST Sweet Heart , Go sit in the corner cup cake & GROW UP

I’m proud of the provocateurs in Berkeley who showed the entire world that this Nazi/Trump/Breitbart ideology will NOT be tolerated in California.

Yes, Berkeley showed who the real Nazis are…

PS Who the HELL are you to regulate my, or anyone else’s free speech? Try sneak attacking some woman around me…

“Proud”? Of rioters and law breakers? You’re a big help.

You do know the NAZI’s were leftist-socialists, don’t you? By the way, it is “NAZI” not Nazi. It is an acronym.

I am proud of our Cal Poly students and those others who attended the protest. Although I don’t agree with them, they showed restraint and class by demonstrating peacefully.

Unlike the morons at Berkeley, who by their very actions weaken the cause they are so committed to, our local folks caught my attention and I listen.

Good luck and don’t quit.

Silly social justice nazis showing their “tolerance” once more…

Milo seems like a pretty cool gay immigrant dude. What’s all the fuss?