Obstructionism and the government’s failure to govern

February 13, 2017

President Donald Trump


It appears the 9th Circuit is compromised – that it joins a clear strategy to use the judicial powers to politically stall and harass President Trump through the obvious legal vagaries of the 1st Amendment’s religious clause. The 1st Amendment for Constitutional lawyers has become a garden for disputes and argumentation. The record is clear on this fact as exemplified by the 9th Circuit ruling.

As a review, the States of Washington and Minnesota argued, and the 9th Circuit Panel agreed, in response to a lousy presentation by the federal lawyer representing Trump, that the Executive Order violates the Establishment and Equal Protection Clauses of the First Amendment.  Because it was intended to disfavor Muslims.

They offered evidence — which should never  been considered — of numerous statements by Trump about his false intent to implement a “Muslim religion ban” when the issue as stated by Trump was selected Islamic terrorism endorsed by seven specific countries previously identified by the Obama administration.

This is a farce. A disgrace. So besides the obstructionism being displayed by Democrats in Congress – supported throughout the United States by well-funded civic demonstrations – the Democrats are exercising legal strategies through the 1st Amendment to legally obstruct Trump.

The legal establishment is totally politicized, which is no surprise, considering the obvious and compelling present split of the Supremes.

This is a war of tactics and Trump does have the upper hand. For the “truth will out” and sensible people will see this for what it is – the absolute carryover of Obama’s progressivism confronting the reality that we face every day in our personal lives of balancing the check book while seeing the tragedy of drug damage and excesses by those who don’t.

The Congress is an over paid, very expensive, over protected group whose only task appears to be to obstruct each other to grasp and maintain power. It is inefficient overly politicized and even the judiciary, is now corrupted.

I am concerned about the fallacy of our governing. The argument regarding textualism and originalism in interpreting the Constitution has been long aborted by legal precedents that have expanded the law — such as Windsor versus Connecticut and the rationale of “penumbras,” the Roe versus Wade matter and Texas precedent on sodomy. But the greatest examples are the vagaries that have been expounded on religion issues in the 1st Amendment.

What is going here? Where the founders wanted to protect the nation against the religion of the British crown, it now wallows in the depths of “political correctness” allowing a vicious religion of Islam, a religion that advocates the killing of non-believers. Islam is a religion to be protected as exemplified by the recent issue of Trump’s attempt to control immigration from nations that by record hate us.

Putin would not allow this, but our government so far does. Why? Because we now see that our government’s three elements of the judiciary, the legislative and the executive are all involved in a power play to control. In a dictatorship, where the cause is just, or even if not, the issue of power is determined efficiently by the sword and not by obstructionist tactics.

Our greatness as a nation is based on Christian ideals and not the materialism of Marx. But the “ideals” are subordinated to the naked lust for political power as exemplified now by the Democrat’s and Progressive’s obstructionism. Looked at it in a religious context, are we exposed to God’s wrath as stated in Roman’s 1:18-32?

I suggest we may be as stated by the outstanding theologian James Dunn,  Professor of Divinity at the University of Durham, who amplifies the meaning  of Romans 1 regarding God’s wrath:

“….God gave them over to what they desired;  He did not, it should be noted,  give them their desires,  rather He gave them to what they desired and the consequences of what they desired.

“God handed them over to the freedom for which they yearned;  not their freedom to them,  but them to their freedom……….

“And thus it becomes clearer that God’s wrath is indeed the converse of His righteousness,  since both express and bring to effect the world as God intends it to be:  righteousness through faithful dependence on the Creator leads to salvation (and eternal life);  wrath through self deceitful pride and self-indulgent desire leads to self-destruction (and eternal death).”


Mr. Page: Although this appears to be written in a somewhat sarcastic manner, I do realize that you are serious in that you really do believe and think like this- sad. Our founders did have among them , those with Christian beliefs, but not all of them identified as that, notably Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, who identified as Diests. Jefferson felt so strongly about his belief that he cut apart several Bibles so he could assemble his own version that showed the teachings of Christ, examples of Christ’s humility, but excluded the miracles that were reported in the Bible. George Washington was more subtle in his belief by simply refusing to set foot in any church for most of his life. Further facts to dispute any assertions that the US is a “Christian ” nation can be found in the treaty of Tripoli, written be Thomas Jefferson, passsed by a unanimous vote in the Senate and signed by then President John Adams.

As for obstructionism in government, you don’t remember how much the Republicans blocked President Obama in his appointments, policies and agenda for the 8 years he was in office? Facts, reality and truth seem to be elusive concepts for those who have conservative beliefs, apparently. But cling to your delusions, if that somehow makes you happy; just try to not get in the way of those of us who think and feel that government is support to be “of, by, and for the people”.


Pretty funny piece. Undoubtedly inspired by the aging paunchy failing trump.


Just wait and see what happens in 2018 you far left liberals progressives. I find it amusing to hear arguments from California liberals about our rights under the constitution while they infringe American’s rights of the 1st amendment.

You are losing and YOU deserve it. You scream and rant like little two-year-old spoiled brats saying “Let’s break away from the USA” You cry and rant and get aggressive like foolish uneducated spoon fed sheep, burning, destroying, and harming property, Americans, our flag, while you try to shut down our 1st amendment rights. You call yourselves liberals while violating the most basic right of liberalism. which is speech, expression, alternative views, while you attempt to suffocate humanities innovation of growth of logical reason.

Yep, you ignorant, hubristic, snotty fools will see what happens in 2018. You lost buttercups and America has spoken. Don’t feed me the garbage of the populist vote. Trust me when I say the liberal wacko’s of My once beautiful golden state do not speak for the rest of our great country.

You Utopia simpletons have no clear common sense about what national security entails


Ouch! “Sgt” D, you are such an angry elf at 5:44am! Maybe go to bed earlier tonight tough guy.

Bill Parker UNDstd..

Umm SGT D, I think you might have forgotten to tell us about what’s gonna happen in 2018. I mean, you mentioned it a lot in your post, but I feel like I still need some clarification.


Fruitcake indeed. We are not a nation of religion, but a nation of laws. Anyone with a backbone can stand on his own legs without using the crutch of an antiquated and misused book.

The history of religion is a sordid tale of despotic suppression of human rights, death and destruction. And there has been some good every now and then. The scale is heavily weighted against it.


With respect for all those who made comments here – I thank all – no matter the opinions – pro and con — or as modified. The praise goes to CCN. It allowed it to be stated! The argument here is subordinated to a special gift. CCN ideologically allows a different voice – for it would be censored in any other publication in the SLO County.


bizarre ravings of a religious fruitcake, do you really want to be taken seriously? obstructionism has been going on now for quite some time and christianity is not innocent. look to your own history, immigrant.



Perfected by years of Republican reign in Congress!


How many bills did Harry Reid have on his desk that he wouldn’t allow to move forward ? At one time it was report that there were over 280 sitting there, that is clear obstruction.