Wal-Mart no longer coming to Atascadero

February 10, 2017

wal-martThe City of Atascadero announced Friday that Wal-Mart will not be moving ahead with plans to build a new store in Atascadero.

For the last 10 years, opponents and proponents have argued over the proposed Wal-Mart store in Atascadero. In 2012, the city council approved a planned development at the corner of El Camino Real and Del Rio Road that included a Wal-Mart and an adjacent shopping center.

One of the primary issues was how the city and developers would distribute traffic mitigation costs. The plans approved for the Wal-Mart and adjacent development required the construction of nearby roundabouts to ease traffic impact to the area.

In January, Walmart informed its shareholders of plans to close 269 stores and to focus more on online sales.

Following Wal-Mart’s announcement, Atascadero Mayor Tom O’Malley said the city is seeking potential businesses to fill the vacancy left by Wal-Mart.

“While we are disappointed in the news, had it been announced four years ago during the recession it would have been more difficult to receive,” O’Malley said. “However, the city will be working with new potential partners, and we are optimistic about the options that this retail location will offer.”

Rich in MB

But but but…..

Where will I get my cheap Made in China stuff?


Most any other store in town…………


A Medical Marijuana Superstore should come in and build a place there with Diamond Adult World next door.


Atascadero Grocery Outlet, Big 5, K Mart are cheering silently in the background


Respectfully RememberWhen. They may be cheering but the Amazon syndrone and on-line purchaing undermines all big chains. I believe they will not survive in their present forms. That is why Walmart is not coming to Atascadero — an excellent market.


Sadly many of the stores in The Outlet, across the street from the WalMart location, have been hanging on financially by thread waiting for the WalMart to open. I think that in the future you will see some of the stores close up and Atascadero will have more empty spaces.


If you snooze…you lose. It’s not rocket science.


This is almost strike 3 for O’Malley. First when Traders Joes was being approached to come to Atascadero there was approximately $2 million worth of perks on the table to locate in Atascadero. O’Malley, as mayor, represented the city and the final word after the meetings was that Trader Joes didn’t trust the city or it’s mayor and located just up the road and out of the city. Second, O’Malley was the lead in not having a competitive bid go out on garbage pick up and the city consequently lost the recycling center which contributed approximately $1 million annually back into the community. And now there is WalMart.

Recently a developer had shown interest in a property on DelRio on the west side of the freeway and was wanting to build a discount grocery store and shopping center. The city was afraid that the grocery store would have been too competitive for WalMart and resisted his application. He too has left. Will the city put its tail between its leg and maybe go back and beg forgiveness with the developer?

I guess we should all tune into the next city council meeting, grab a cup of coffee and see how long O’Malley will tell us about his vast business education and background and not to worry that he will take care of everything.

With the baggage that the WalMart property has and the zoning and use changes that would have to happen I think it will be years before something happens at that location.

I hope that Atascadero has learned a lesson from this failed venture and can get onboard with the rest of the world and come to realize that retail sales, as we have known in the past, is changing rapidly. Currently their main effort is to to build a shopping center on every piece of commercial property that is available in town. They want the sales tax in order that someday they may be able to balance their budget after spending out of reserves for years.


Fortunately for the citizens, Tom O’Malley is in his last term as mayor although I assume he can still run for councilman – do not let that happen. I have heard his dirty little cronies at a Saturday night concert in the park, after a couple of bottles of wine once discussing who Tom wanted for Council (Heather) and that they needed to get behind him and make it happen. The guy in the wheelchair doing most of the talking was certainly an O’Malley supporter. I have heard Tom having lunch with people and being very open how they should get on board because “this is the best thing for Atascadero”. It is time for change and Tom O’Malley is not that change. His leadership has come and gone! We need someone that can bring change, business and life back to Atascadero. We were doing a slow walk and now, we are sitting on park benches!




10/14/2015 at 8:32 pm

From a report today on very bad Wal-Mart results and outlook:

Last fiscal year, Wal-Mart opened 354 U.S. stores, including Supercenters and its smaller Neighborhood Markets. Next fiscal year, the company estimates it will add between 135 and 155 stores.

O’Malley is apparently gullible about the prospects for the Atascadero supercenter as he is about false conspiracy blogs. What does the Atascadero “Staff” think about their O’Malley promised rewards stemming from the Wal-Mart jackpot?


O’Malley is an absolute narcissistic fool …. He has caused terrible damage to our wonderful town.


“Following Wal-Mart’s announcement, Atascadero Mayor Tom O’Malley said the city is seeking potential businesses to fill the vacancy left by Wal-Mart.”

Perhaps the mayor should consider having another state mental hospital built at that location..the city needs it.


Governments release news on Fridays when it is embarrassing to them.


FENCE FACTORY to the rescue,


O’Malley says he’s “optimistic” about that location? HA! More like delusional.

Should’ve pursued Costco years ago when you had a chance!

So unless Diamond Adult World, the homeless shelter or an auto repair shop wants to relocate, that Del Rio land will remain vacant for a long, long time.


Hold on. Tom recently got a reelection endorsement from the Tribune.


Endorsement from Tribune is a joke . they are a piece of … (fill it in)


Don’t forget his 150% pay raise that he also voted for.