Former coach gets probation for disputed act of child molestation

March 7, 2017

Ramoan Blackmon

A former Santa Maria youth basketball coach, who was accused of molesting a teenage girl over multiple years, received a five-year probation sentence and was set free from jail on Monday. The alleged victim in the case had recanted her story, but the judge found the initial allegations to be credible and the defendant had a prior conviction relating to a child molestation case.

In 2004, Ramoan Blackmon was accused of oral copulation and sex with a minor, as well as dissuading a witness. He pleaded guilty to a lesser misdemeanor charge, which was then dropped in 2011.

But, last year, Blackmon, 37, was again accused of child molestation. On this occasion, he was accused of hugging and kissing a girl, as well as touching her butt, breasts and vagina.

Initial reports suggested Blackmon moved in with the teen’s mother in 2013, and the couple married in July 2015. The teen was reported to have told investigators that Blackmon would enter her room at night and molest her. It is unclear, though, if that was actually the girl’s initial account of the alleged abuse.

On Nov. 16, 2016, the teen notified her school counselor and then police about the abuse she allegedly suffered, and officers arrested Blackmon.

Then in December, the alleged victim testified during a preliminary hearing that she made up the allegations in order to receive attention. She cried while recanting her story. At one point, the teen also put her head on arm while on the witness stand.

When pressed by the prosecution, the teen said multiple times that she could not remember certain events. The alleged victim testified she was not pressured to change her story.

But, a judge ruled that the victim’s testimony was not credible, and there was enough evidence for the case to go to trial. The judge said he took into account all of the circumstances, including the teen’s demeanor.

Blackmon was charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor 14 years or younger and three counts of lewd acts with a child. If convicted, he was facing up to 14 years in prison.

Earlier this year, Blackmon accepted a deal with prosecutors, and he pleaded no contest to one count of committing lewd acts on a minor.

During a sentencing hearing on Monday, a judge gave Blackmon credit for time served and released him from custody. But, the judge ordered Blackmon to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life and pay fines, in addition to serving five years of felony probation. Blackmon will also be prohibited from coaching youth basketball.

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He will definitely “creep out” local residents when he’s out in public, I would also show his picture to my young children and tell them to stay away from him! So disgusting he got away with it again! He should have also been ordered to get mental help…….

He took a deal AFTER the girl recanted her story? I wonder why? Maybe he saw what so many of see from the bench; a penchant to satisfy the community’s fear rather than rendering justice.

The young lady was credible enough in the beginning to have Mr. Blackmon arrested and charged but isn’t when she recants? How the f*** does that work? Lady Justice has removed her blindfold and her scales have been replaced with a “fear monitor” that isn’t balanced at all!

But! Mr. Blackmon, you pled guilty and now you must pay the piper…

If she recants, she basically doesn’t testify. If someone does testify and or support their story in a court of law (not before) then what do you have? Nothing. I agree it sucks but the law is the law.

Also he took the deal before she recanted the way I read it. Usually you go to court, enter a plea, then trial. The plea wasn’t guilty, the plea was no contest. No contest is saying the evidence they have against you is so overwhelming you won’t challenge. Well if she recants, there goes your evidence. She most likely would have recanted at trial when called upon. Hence again no case.

Last AGAIN don’t take this as defending him, I am stating my understanding of law and NOTHING else.

Please read the article again as her testimony was recanted at a preliminary hearing and then it appears Mr. Blackmon plead “nolo” after that hearing at a later date.

I don’t blame Mr. Blackmon from taking the “nolo” plea; what would you have done when a judge rules that one statement from the victim was credible, thus admissible, and one not, thus inadmissible. One statement puts you away for years while the one that exonerates you is not heard? Our justice system doing its best work!

What I find even more perplexing is why did the judge ordered Mr. Blackmon to register as a sex offender, doesn’t the law already state you must? Something I’m gonna look at…

See your point. It is convoluted on timeline.

It’s just a matter of time before he re-offends….hopefully it won’t be your daughter.

“Then in December, the alleged victim testified during a preliminary hearing that she made up the allegations in order to receive attention. She cried while recanting her story. At one point, the teen also put her head on arm while on the witness stand”

The victim said she lied and the judge said no you didn’t? Was the judge a witness? Was he present when the “alleged” molestation took place? Is the judge a mind reader? The man was convicted once before for the same crime and that makes him guilty of this one? This is why I keep my nose clean, I don’t ever want to stand in court and face this kind of so called justice.

The whole thing is so sick and disturbing, the sex offender and his wife looked so pathetic on Tv. Wife stated the whole ordeal is a nightmare, when she was sitting next to one!