Surveillance footage captures men peering into cars in SLO

March 8, 2017

San Luis Obispo police are searching for two suspected thieves who were caught on camera walking around a resident’s driveway on Monday. One of the suspects can be seen peering into vehicles with a flashlight.

During the early morning hours, residents in the 1500 block of Cucaracha Court reported several thefts from unlocked vehicles. One of the homeowners on the street then found footage from a home surveillance camera that captured two suspects.

In the video, one suspect is seeing using a flashlight to look inside the two vehicles in the driveway. The second suspect is seen walking through the driveway and across the street.

Police describe the suspect as a male, who is possibly white and in his 20. He had medium length hair and was wearing a long sleeve zip-up jacket, baggy jeans, white top Nike basketball style shoes and a baseball cap on backwards.

The second suspect is a male who was wearing dark clothing and carrying a flashlight.

San Luis Obispo police say thefts from unlocked vehicles have become increasingly common in the city, as well as the state of California over the past cfew years. Criminals take advantage of victims who leave their car doors unlocked and valuables in plain sight.

Investigators request that anyone who knows the identity of the suspects or has information about thefts from unlocked vehicles call the police department or contact Crime Stoppers at 85-549-STOP.

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Thanks for sharing friend….I would get one on my car!

Wouldn’t that be great if somewhere down the line, cars were made with a sensitive prowler alert, that the consumer could turn on after they have parked their car for the night, and when prowlers come snooping around with their flashlights, the car sprays them with like a skunk smell! Or pepper spray, something that would make them suffer with the smell for days! Oh well…..just thinking!

Alas, in current society it would be illegal and you’d be in greater trouble than the thief. But, I agree, it’s fun to muse.

Apparently in South Africa a few years back there was a spate of violent car jackings and armed robberies of drivers. They came up with a flame-thrower device to protect the driver/owner; and it was legal.