Local school districts banning cooperation with ICE

March 10, 2017

The Santa Maria-Bonita School District board adopted a resolution Wednesday aimed at shielding students from the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. Santa Maria-Bonita is the latest of several local school districts, including San Luis Coastal, to do adopt such a resolution. [KSBY]

Santa Maria-Bonita’s resolution forbids district personnel from cooperating with ICE agents on enforcement action. If contacted by ICE agents, district staff are required to forward the requests to the superintendent’s office.

The resolution also requires ICE agents to obtain permission from district administrators before stepping foot on a school campus. Additionally, the resolution states the new rules will be translated into Spanish and distributed on school campuses and passed out to parents.

District officials say families that fear immigration enforcement may be keeping their children home from school. The district wanted to reassure parents that their schools are safe.

Santa Maria-Bonita spokeswoman Maggie White said, given the current political climate, the district wants to make sure that parents and families understand school is the right place for their children to be.

Last month, Santa Maria-Bonita district administrators marked 7,302 students absent from 20 elementary schools on the “Day Without Immigrants,” a nationwide protest against President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. As a result of the absences, the district was expected to lose about $400,000 in state funding.

In addition to San Luis Coastal, the Santa Maria Joint Union High School District and the Guadalupe Union School District have adopted similar resolutions. Both the Guadalupe and Santa Maria high school districts likewise lost significant funding due to mass absences on the Day Without Immigrants.

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I would say the only reason schools are doing this is to keep students in there schools they receive govt money for each seat filled each day ,,, they lose money each day for an empty seat . When i took my kids out of school for a non-excusable absence , the attendance office lady literally yelled at me thru the window for losing the school money for about 3 minutes she went on a rant . Staying home from school to avoid ICE is not an excusable-absence . I wish the news would report why schools are really saying they are a safe haven —— but they wont .

Suggest all check out this link: State Schools Chief Tom Torlakson Urges “Safe Haven …

It will take you to State Schools Chief Tom Torlakson’s December press release which urges “Safe Haven” designation for California’s 10,500 Public Schools.

As you may know, “Safe Haven” are other words for Sanctuary! The United States of America use to be a land where the law was obeyed and respected. NO MORE!

Let your local school board members know you oppose any movement toward Sanctuary Schools. Obey the law or be recalled!

Except that is not a LINK. THIS IS A LINK and it is also to the story you are quoting from!

You’re welcome!

There is also a law about impeding or enter fearing with any law enforcement officer doing his/her duty. Arrest these idiots and put them a cell with their beloved illegals.

Was your comment entered via Voice-to-Text, by chance? I chuckled at the “enter fearing” – or were you being very sly and coy, indeed?

Oh goody; now we all can cherry pick the laws we choose to obey

If we ignore the healthcare mandate we get a big fine, if you don’t show up for court you get a bench warrant, if you get caught smoking on city property you get ticketed. If you sneak into our country and commandeer someones social security number and lie to get into free public school the state has your back. Really? That is how it works? ICE isn’t even going after otherwise law abiding illegal immigrants so what is this? just open and blatant disregard for anything Trump? Is it just more democrat showmanship and insurrection? Is it an attempt to embarrass Trump? Well if it is it is backfiring big time.

I have to say, about 1-2 years ago, I would *swear* that the republicans were self-destructing (they may still be); however, it has become quite clear to me (and many people I know, mostly democrats) that realize their party is degrading into banal ineptitude all around them. I would feel bad, but that leaves us (basically) only the republicans, and that’s not very encouraging, either.

That said, which party is likely to survive a transformation from within? I’m guessing the GOP, if any. The dems are often far too lock-step fascist, for their own good.

Just curious….when did school district LAW supersede Federal law?

You would be frightened to learn the powers granted public school officials. Essentially, they are the legal guardians of your child while they are on campus (and off, in some cases). It’s overly-complicated, but gives a good amount of authority (even over parents) during the school day.

If it was viewed as another country’s laws, one might think the laws quite draconian. They are.

Veterans living on the streets, homeless everywhere, infrastructure crumbling beneath our feet, Overcrowded jails with criminals being released early because of budget issues, and a handful of school administrators telling federal law enforcement agents they cant touch them. Whats wrong with this picture?

And this is why voting for decent people to be on the school board is important. Does someone have the names of the people on these school boards who voted for banning co-operation with ICE? I sure wouldn’t want to vote for one next election.

Just to be safe might as well not vote for anyone currently serving on any board.

I get why some might be against helping ICE against some of your community. But laws should be obeyed and if you are going to break them I would think the smart play would be to stay quiet about it and just do what you feel is best. Instead these board members are waving the red flag in front of the bull saying we dare you to do something about it. They are not serving their population well! It is a shame that the board is setting such a bad example about intelligence.

Santa Maria school shown on the local news. All the children shown on the playground and in classes were Mexican. If they let them deport these children who are they going to have left in the classroom to teach. They are only worried about their jobs, and funds lost if classrooms are empty.