Man allegedly kidnapped Pismo Beach officer

March 11, 2017

While running away from a Pismo Beach police officer, a man allegedly yanked the policeman inside a vehicle and then drove off with cop inside the car, according to documents filed in San Luis Obispo County Superior Court. [Tribune]

On Dec. 6, Officer Chris Siglin was trying to take Derek James Carlson, 27, into custody, when Carlson made a break and then climbed into a car parked nearby.

Siglin attempted to pull Carlson out of the vehicle. But instead, Carlson managed to pull the officer inside and begin driving.

Carlson made it about a block before he was stopped and arrested.

Carlson is charged with kidnapping, assault with a non-firearm deadly weapon and two counts of resisting an officer. He also faces misdemeanor counts of drug and paraphernalia possession.

An arraignment hearing is scheduled for Wednesday in Judge Jacquelyn Duffy’s courtroom.


So the next time before you yank the cop inside the car and begin driving away, remember that even before he buckles up, he is going to stick his gun against your temple and say pull over or you are dead.

This guy may be too stupid for jail. Straight to execution?

Ralph Snart

Hahaha​! This cop was taken against his will?!?!?!?

Stacking charges is one thing, I seriously doubt this narrative though…


The Los Angeles Times (hardly a shill for law enforcement) reported in a November 6, 2015 artile reported that since Prop 47 was passed by the state’s voters property crimes have risen dramatically in all of the states major cities. The Times went on to report that while the proposition had its desired effect of reducing jail populations it eliminated felony penalties that prosecutors and courts have used previously as as a hammer to force defendants into drug treatment programs.

The article goes on to say that of the 2,200 drug offenders sentenced to a drug treatment program, under Prop 47, only 73 had enrolled in one. The Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer attributed this result to the lack of a penalty for failing to follow through with the court’s orders.

The Times even interview a self described thief, Semisi Sena, who says, “Proposition 47, its cool, like for me I can go do a (commercial) burglary and know if it’s not over $900, they’ll just give me a ticket and let me go.”

Prop 47 had good intentions, but was poorly conceived and now property crimes are on the rise.

Now, as to the this story, who knows if Prop 47 was part of the cause, but, when you don’t lock up criminals and use the threat of jail to get people into treatment programs what do you think is going to happen?

“Gee, the cops can’t arrest me for stealing so I guess I’ll pass up that Ipad sitting there in this unlocked car at Johnson Ranch trailhead and go home and drink hot cocoa instead.”


“Prop 47 had good intentions, but was poorly conceived and now property crimes are on the rise. ”

As the old saying goes, “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”


WOW , drugs are really frying peoples minds along w/prop 47 helping them do it over and over again . In sacramento people are trying to break into the sacramento jail ,,, In last 2 weeks 2 separate incidents have occurred 1- a guy drove thru sally port roll up door ‘where inmates are unloaded in a secured area ; then jumped on top of his car and began ripping off his clothes ,, The 2nd – was this morning a lady drove her suv thru the visiting entrance doors and continued inside the building but stopped short of hitting a large fish tank –wow


This, and almost every case that the issue is brought up on, has NOTHING to do with prop 47. But don’t bother to do any research and think critically, just continue to spout rhetoric from law enforcement which is lying to you.


This guy would have been charged with under the influence as well if he was suspected to be high. And yes, charges are always “stacked” as to insure a conviction and or enhancement of some sort will be obtained (he would have been charged for being high no matter how trivial that may compare to his other charges, that’s what that means). But as always someone out there knows more than the article states…