Man arrested for felony DUI crash in San Luis Obispo

March 12, 2017

Nicholas Adam Hembree

San Luis Obispo police officers arrested a 27-year-old man Saturday morning on a felony DUI charge following a crash in San Luis Obispo that injured four people.

At 1:29 a.m., Nicholas Adam Hembree was driving eastbound on Monterey Street when he ran a red light and collided with a vehicle headed northbound on Santa Rosa Street, police said. Seven people and two vehicles were involved in the crash.

Medical personnel transported four people, two complaining of pain and two with moderate injuries, to a local hospital.

Officers booked Hembree into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on a charge of felony DUI with his bail set at $100,000.

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Heard the sirens….bad news. Likely he will serve some time–then I hope recovery–because anyone who drinks to this point has some demons to deal with. Watch your backside in prison….