Parolee flees Atascadero police and CHP at nearly 130 mph

March 15, 2017

Officers chased a parolee on Highway 101 Wednesday morning from Atascadero to well into Monterey County. The chase reached speeds of nearly 130 mph.

At about 8:26 a.m., an Atascadero officer tried to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle that was traveling at an unsafe speed on El Camino Real. The car did not yield, and a pursuit began, according to the Atascadero Police Department.

Atascadero officers followed the car north on Highway 101 with assistance from the CHP both on the highway and in the air.

CHP officers deployed a spike strip that brought the chase to an end just south of King City. The chase covered 53 miles and lasted 31 minutes.

Officers arrested the driver, Jeffrey Branes, 37, and charged him with felony evading an officer and having a parole warrant. A passenger, 39-year-old Crystalynn Burgess, was also arrested and charged with violating probation.

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Apparently ”Branes” is really Barnes.

One of our early release and reformed Brown parolees at their best…Lets put Brown and all of his early release convicts on his fast train to nowhere…lol

Good work once again by the parole board. The Ninth Circuit Court is forcing the state to release tens of thousands of criminals because prison isn’t comfortable enough for them. Honest citizens are dying or becoming victims because of this court’s orders. Democratic judges putting our safety as a low priority.

Gov Brown instituted the release program, along with other financial shenanigans, to help “balance” the State budget.Not meeting their responsibilities or passing responsibilities down to the local levels saves money. Another example is the CA Recycling program. Look around – how many redemption centers are there now? Increasing the fees and then decreasing the number of redemption centers was designed to do one thing – bring more money to the State.

Can you possibly make any more erroneous assumption’s from this article, as your means to attack a liberal straw man?

The 9th kicked prisoner’s out because our inability to house them humanely.

Sorry that is a problem for you. We could have chosen to tax ourselves at a greater degree and pay for more prisons versus releasing them. So is it the 9th that is the problem or California and it’s taxpayers?

But no where in this article does it imply that this was the case in this instance. You invent it to suit your narrative.

Could it be that this idiot qualified for parole, not because of the 9th circuit and overcrowding, but perhaps he completed his time and was due for release?

If that is the case, and it is the only one you can make from reading this article, then all you have left is an idiot who brought this on himself due to his own behavior.

Do you have to make every individual failing, the failing of society in general and the democrats specifically? It is a tired and weak sauce you served up.

BTW–you should look to see the make up of the 9th Circuit–there’s a number of Republican appointee’s there (16). But hey who needs facts when you got an ax to grind.

Try as you might….you can’t out run the radio.

Nor the helicopter.

I would say branes has no brain!!