Video shows Cal Poly police pinning man during disputed arrest

March 13, 2017

Many Cal Poly students are enraged over footage showing university police pinning a 21-year-old man to the ground outside a San Luis Obispo liquor store. Friends of the suspect allege an undercover officer placed him in a chokehold and tackled him because the man told the policeman to “fuck off.”

The incident took place Friday night outside a liquor store on Foothill Boulevard. Initial reports indicate, at the time, university police officers were conducting a sting or an operation related to underage drinking.

Julian Trevizo, a friend of the suspect, witnessed the incident and videotaped the arrest, beginning at the moment police officers were pinning his friend, Aidan Dugan-Colton, 21.

Trevizo stated in a Facebook post that his group of friends purchased beer at a liquor store. After buying his own beer, Trevizo put the bottles in his jacket pockets, prompting undercover officer to suspect a theft was in progress.

“An undercover cop accused us of shoplifting, asked for our receipts and IDs and detained us,” Trevizo wrote. “They then threatened to cite us because we had people in the group who were 20, despite the fact that they did not purchase alcohol or exit the building with bottles in their possession.

“Our friend started calling bullshit and told them how not okay their actions were. Another individual came up and said, ‘Watch your fucking language. Watch your fucking attitude.’ Friend responded, ‘Fuck you, don’t touch me’ and put his arm up in defense. Right after this, the officer put him in an illegal chokehold and brought him to the ground, scraping his face and arms.”

The officer did not identify himself as a policeman until after tackling Dugan-Culton, Trevizo wrote.

Throughout the video, individuals are heard accusing police of tackling Dugan-Culton and arresting him merely because he uttered foul language at the plainclothes officers.

“I didn’t touch you. I said fuck you. And then you pushed me and you fucking tackled me to the ground,” Dugan-Culton said.

The officer disagreed, claiming Dugan-Culton shoved him.

“I didn’t push. I have it on camera,” the officer is heard saying during Trevizo’s recording.

Cal Poly spokesman Matt Lazier told the Tribune that officers needed to safely subdue Dugan-Culton after he shoved one of them and failed to comply with their directions. Lazier also said the officers identified themselves as police prior to the physical altercation.

Officers eventually booked Dugan-Culton into the San Luis Obispo County Jail. He is no longer in custody.

According to Trevizo, police charged Dugan-Culton with assaulting an officer and set his bail at $20,000. Trevizo also alleged officers refused to read Dugan-Culton his Miranda rights during the arrest.

Dugan-Culton reportedly suffered a bloody nose during the altercation. Before he was taken to jail, a fire truck arrived at the scene.

The arrival of the fire truck prompted screams about wasted tax dollars.

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Bad situation. Arrogant, snowflake of a college student probably going to school using his parent’s checkbook versus militarized, wannabe tough-guy, probably not all that bright law enforcement officers who aren’t respected based on how they treat others.

And a fire department that rolls on anything to justify its bloated budget. I wonder if they rolled TRUCK 1 on this call?

my son retired from slo pd , and the stories i used to hear about the skippys would make anyone pissed off , they have to baby sit these ILL MANNERED CHILDREN, give these guys a break they put up with a lot of s—- every day and all they want to do is go home at the end of the day, like they say walk a mile in there shoes then you wont criticize them

Enough is enough with the younger generation.

Most of them have this attitude that they can say and do what ever they PLEASE. The law is the law you may not agree with somethings but you NEED TO RESPECT the LAW- the ELDERLY and PEOPLE in general.We do not owe any of you anything and you all need to come off this entitlement era.I try to live right (treat people the way you want to be treated) you know do onto others as you want done to you. Live by the 10 Commandments and I think it will be a better WORLD. Thank you

Enough is enough with the older generation.

Most of them have this attitude that they can say and do what ever they please. Like all the old guys in congress, doing what they want, lying. bribes, working for corporation, Putin etc.

You might want to review you username, just saying.

You missed a few words, “with the older (spoiled, rich) generation” and they have been a problem for years and years, decades and decades. I hope you are not thinking this is something new.

I agree. Seeing someone complain about the “entitlement era” from a generation that created and benefited from the actual entitlement era is cognitive dissonance at its best. Enjoy my social security contributions! Lord knows, the way you vote, those will be spent before I retire.

I should probably rethink my username too.

Like it or not, telling a law enforcement officer to “fuck off” isn’t against the law. One needs to be extremely careful however because the LEO is then going to do everything in their power to get over on you up to an including a beating and/or an arrest. It’s not going to be about any perceived crime at that point. It’s going to be about getting over on you, which they will call “controlling the scene.”

I think the militarization of our LEOs is absolutely disgusting. It’s precisely what the LAPD did in the 1960s to the 1990s and it led to a lot of trouble. I also take issue with the horrid WASTE I see of the SLO Fire Department cruising around town and using their obnoxious yet beloved Jake Brakes.

I’m with CopperHead, my parents taught me the same thing, but this punk has obvious anger issues, using such foul nasty language to a Police Officer, it flowed so easily from his mouth,like it’s a normal part of his everyday life. He’s pretty pathetic, disrespectful, those words will someday get him an ass whooping, when he says it to the wrong person.

Recent stories about how men are becoming physically weaker may help us here as they are also becoming more entitled and arrogant. Can you imagine if they were getting stronger at the same time they’ve come to expect the world to bend to their “you’re not the boss of me” philosophy? Once again mother nature has provided protection for us by making them less dangerous. Now if we could only figure out a way to drown out their whining and self-important criticism of the establishment that built this soft little world for them. Fight The Power, Cupcake!

Rambunctious Is that what Jesus do?

I don’t know what Jesus would do with an out of control drunken college kid that wouldn’t obey orders from campus police. But it’s a good question, I will ask him when I see him.

Jesus could care for the sick. Please don’t invoke the name of our savior when it convenient to your cause. Read your bible.

The video is a reaction to the incident and doesn’t show the whole incident from start to finish so I think it will come down to he said,they said.As far as Cal Poly PD aren’t they considered state police like the Highway Patrol meaning they can be where they were especially since this seemed to be a mutual aid operation on the part of law enforcement.The vocabulary unfortunately seems to be widely accepted now days even though it leaves a lot to be desired.

Say F You and calling anyone a C Sucker would be enough to get you knocked out. This little snowflake is lucky these were cops. They were perfectly professional.

Ever hear of “sticks and stones”, tough guy? Knocking someone out because they cursed at you is a good way to get arrested for a felony — unless of course if you are a cop.

I didn’t say it was right I just said it happens, he is lucky they were cops. He was out of control, not the cops.