Cambria desalination plant facing closure

April 17, 2017

Desalination plant’s evaporation pond at almost 7 feet which is out of compliance with the 6 foot maximum level. Photo taken by Tina Dickason.


Editor’s Note: The Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board’s complaint is included at the bottom of this article.

The state of California is working to close down the Cambria Community Services District $13 million desalination plant because district staffers have failed to comply with environmental requirements. In addition, the district is facing almost $800,000 in fines.

On Feb. 9, the water board slapped Cambria with three notices of violation. At that time, the district was facing almost $600,000 in fines because district staff has chronically filed late reports and failed to comply with water quality regulations, according to the Feb. 9 complaint.

In one of the notices of violation, the water board ordered the district to provide technical information and reports or face additional fines and state enforcement.

Nevertheless, the district failed to follow the water board’s requirement. As a result, water board staff is preparing a cease and desist order for the evaporation pond and a civil liability complaint, according to an April 13 letter. Without the pond, the desalination plant cannot operate.

In its letter, the water board included a list of 162 newly discovered violations regarding the district’s failure to comply with state clean water requirements.


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whatshisface…. needs a raise!


What will happen if Cambria goes bankrupt? My understanding is the bank would have ownership. Let’s remember Hearst Corporation is expanding into San Simeon & Ragged Point. Also, CCSD Board Member Greg Sanders law firm specializes in development. Scary.


It would be very interesting to see if anyone profiting from the loan or getting benefit of the desal plant are clients of Sanders and/or his law firm.


What is scary about Hearst Corporation expanding into San Simeon and Ragged Point? What is scary about Greg Sanders associated with a law firm that specializes in development? Why do you care? The Hearst Corporation does everything first class. Greg Sanders has an impeccable reputation. Why the need to slander them? What is your agenda Christina Tobin?


Sanders is a public servant, elected. How do you know Sanders has an impeccable reputation. Identify who believes he has an impeccable reputation. Developers? What is your agenda tidepool? And who are you to make such statements as Hearst does everything first class?

There is no doubt collusion going on with the CCSD Board Members.


Makes one wonder who will be able to afford to live in Cambria. By the time this saga is over the rate payers will be the losers. It’s ashamed – Time to go Mr. Gruber and his staff. Hopefully the Board will open their eyes and say bye bye to Mr. Gruber.


Time to get rid of the Board members who supported this disaster. Gruber is doing what they want otherwise he never would have gotten raises or still be working at the CCSD. It would be interested to find out who on the Board profits from this disaster.


The same question applies to the City of Morro Bay. Incompetent Mayor and City Council fiddling while the wastewater treatment plant costs skyrocket out of reach for a great many senior citizens and working people. Soon, the only ones who will be able to afford to live there will be wealthy, retired people. These new sewer and water rates will drive what is left of working families out of town forever. So much for affordable housing!


Time for a salary raise… again.


And yest didn’t the guy in charge there just get a big raise for doing such a good job. Certainly makes you wonder about the people who thought he did.


He is doing exactly what the Board wants him to do. Look at who is behind the curtain.


What a boondoggle.
When will the CCSD cut their losses?


They won’t because CCSD ratepayer’s losses are gains for others. Look behind the curtains.


Hmmm…the CSD failed to comply with environmental requirements….just like the LOCSD did a decade ago. CSD’S DON’T WORK. WAKE UP


The important thing is that all district employees and water board employees remain fully employed and earning retirement credits. Whether they have served the people in an honest and effective manner is not relevant. The fines will be paid by the citizens and the shuttering of the plant will only hurt the citizens so I guess everything is good in the world. (Sarcasm)


The important thing to remember: Gruber is doing what the Board wants him to do. Ask why the Board wants such a disaster and who profits from it.

Rich in MB

Welcome to California…water….forget you…drink your recycled Pee.


Haha, you already drink your recycled pee.