The latest gas tax is patently unfair

April 7, 2017

Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham

Opinion by Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham

Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham released a statement Thursday following the passage of SB-1, related to tax increases for transportation funding: 

Today I voted against the biggest gas tax hike in California’s history. The fact is, taxpayers don’t have well-paid lobbyists in Sacramento, and protecting the interests of my community is my number one priority.

The Central Coast has a growing number of people on fixed incomes. For that population every dollar counts. Asking them to pay 70 percent more in gas taxes, and even more on car registration is not something I can stomach.

I proposed an alternative plan that would provide billions in transportation funding without raising taxes and makes transportation spending more accountable. Year after year, the state devotes nothing from the general fund for road repair and now they are asking the most vulnerable populations to make up for it – that is patently unfair.

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This whole subject is beyond talking about, extortion and flagrant waste of our taxes can’t be word smithed into public support. They are going to get caught, with their pants down.

What else can the socialist legislature conjure up to tax the poor, retirees and working families of this state? Oh yes…there’s the sanctuary state, free college tuition for all, and now a tax on services. Check out Senator’s Hertzberg’s SB 8 which will tax services!

Hertzberg proposes $10 billion sales tax on services …

You do not have to be retired to feel the pain of this heavy taxing that is upon us and coming. Working families are not going to be happy either.

If you have a job and want to ever retire you have to have the ability to save $. Well forget that. Anything you have left over Sacramento believes you might as well give it to them.

Wealth can not be obtained if you never have anything left over.

Oh thats right this is about taking your earned $ and giving it to those that do not earn it.

That might be OK if we are temporarily helping those that need it but these seem to be lifers.

We have paid gas and registration taxes forever to pay for the roads etc and the Dem run state spent it on other things so they now want to cover their asses as usual and squeeze us for money. When will the taxpayers quit putting these morons back in office all the time. The new tax’s will not be spent for our roads but most of it will probably go to the Dem train to nowhere.It shows you how smart and how much they care when they waste money on a train that will serve very few and cost billions to keep going. Don’t vote any of these !!!!!! back in.

Assemblyman Cunningham thank you for your vote everyone on here is appalled at this theft of taxpayer’s dollars.

Could you write an article and tell us what the intended and unintended consequences are for SANCTUARY STATE Legislation.

Some people I know that are Adam Hill supporters are afraid to discuss that topic since I believe the people black white orange Green do not want this.

The Progressives are sick and against all of us LEGAL citizens.

9000 illegals in San Luis Obispo County.


Thank you Mr. Cunningham for standing up for the little guy and doing the right thing. Hopefully that cesspool called Sacramento won’t swallow you up. All this does is drive more people out of California. I’m beginning to think that’s what the Progressives really want anyway. Who in their right mind believes they’ll spend this money on roads?? Come on, just a huge Ponzi scheme to cover their you know whats on these unfunded pension liabilities.

A big thank you for your no position on the largest California tax hike in history. Thank goodness your won the election for the 35th Assembly District and are offering alternative solutions to the Democrat supermajority “we need more taxes.”

If Democrat candidate, Dawn Ortiz-Legg, would have won this seat, she would have voted for this gigantic scam! Amazing how Democrats just can’t help themselves and always offer up more taxes as a solution to the challenges our state faces. And yet Democrats such as Ortiz-Legg position themselves as worried about the working families and the poor, and then sock it to them with more taxes!

Again, thank you Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham. Know it’s not easy serving in the now socialistic Assembly!