Los Osos administrator to get 23 percent pay increase

April 30, 2017

Back row: Roy Hanley, Renee Osborne, Lou Tornatsky and Marshall Ochylski. Front row: Jon-Erik Storm and Vickie Milledge.


Less than a month after the Los Osos Community Services District Board voted to increase water rates by as much by as 65 percent, the district is considering increasing the pay of its part-time administrator by 23 percent.

Six months ago, on Oct. 27, the board voted unanimously to contract with Grace Environmental Services for $78,024 a year. Because the district contracted with a consulting firm rather than a person, it was not required to pay benefits.

On May 4, the district board will do a review of its General Manager Renee Osborne and also reevaluate the contract with her company, Grace Environmental Services. The district board will also consider a proposed draft budget that has the general manager’s contract at $96,000 a year, a more than 23 percent increase.

On Friday, the same day the May 4 agenda was posted, the district sent out notices of the proposed water rate increases. Under Proposition 218, agencies must inform customers of water rate increases 45 days prior to the proposed rate hike. If more than 50 percent of customers reject the rate increase, it is void.

Nevertheless, the district needs approximately $5 million in new infrastructure including a nitrate removal facility and new wells, to ward of sea water intrusion and protect from over pumping. Because water conservation efforts led to lower revenue, the district’s water department was running in the red last year.

The proposed water rate increases are expected to bring in between $500,000 and $900,000 a year over three years.

Osborne is the district’s 16 general manager in a span of 16 years.

Mike Morgan

If the people of Los Osos were better informed about their government the LOCSD would not exist.

We now have an opportunity to rid ourselves of the CSD; starve them out. Get your 218 letter in to the LOCSD.


My understanding is that this is an increase in hours/time at the District. GM was 3 days per week and the increase is to 5 days per week. I do not believe that the actual cost per hour has increased.


It’s too bad the public isn’t taking peaceful but persistent actions to stifle such bold faced government gluttony. I am approaching retirement in the private sector. We all hear how Social Security is at risk. I have some friends who are either retired or soon to be retired on CALPERS. They proudly talk about their COLA adjustments and how their retirement is guaranteed by the taxpayer. Do they really think Social Security recipients will tolerate a suspension or reduction in their benefits while government employees continue to get theirs?

What government doesn’t realize is that they are fostering social unrest. Or possibly worse.



23% – unheard of for ‘normal’ people. And, here, you don’t even have to do a good job!


Welcome to the public service sector


No…welcome to the severely dysfunctional LOCSD which in fact is, though somewhat distant, the offspring of the recall board, who in their in finite wisdom and complete lack of professionalism STOPPED the sewer, DELAYED the sewer, LIED under oath to the CCRWCB and the SWRB, failed to return the SWRB loan money, AND bankrupted the community of Los Osos.

And not once have they apologized or attempted to atone for their sins….a sad bunch indeed.


96k for part time? Sign me up!!! Can’t be ANY harder what what I do now and man, 23% raise after 6 months. Seems legit!