Man dies in five-vehicle crash on Highway 46

April 1, 2017

A 69-year-old man died in a five-vehicle crash on Highway 46 near the Shandon rest area on Friday.

Around 2:15 p.m., a semi-truck drove into oncoming traffic, clipped a pickup and slammed head-on into another truck. The collision killed the driver of a GMC pickup and caused the semi-truck to roll over onto its side. With the exception of the GMC driver, each of the drivers involved in the crash only suffered minor injuries.

It is unclear what caused the driver of the semi-truck to head into oncoming traffic. Investigators do not suspect drugs or alcohol as factors in the collision.

The crash backed up traffic on Highway 46 for several hours. Authorities are not releasing the identity of the victim pending notification of his next of kin.

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There never was anything that was exceptionally dangerous about this highway; only the idiots that drove it. Yeah, a number of people have lost their lives through the years, but rarely, if ever, because of the highway. That is not to say that it should not have been upgraded years ago, however, the momentum to do so did not start until the Telegram-Tribune jumped on the bandwagon when their editor and his family perished in a tragic accident.

It was only then that they became concerned about highway safety. Interesting that when 5 Mexican workers lost their lives shortly before that incident, the T-T did not feel it was a priority.

In this instance, the cause of the accident is unknown at this time, however, it is possible that it may end up being attributed to the soft shoulder due to the construction to upgrade the highway.

I always get a kick out of some jerk that will make a dangerous maneuver in order to pass a line of cars right after they have existed I-5. Finally, as you are approaching the 101/46E interchange, you see him stuck behind 5-cars at the stoplight.

I disagree. A two lane, undivided commercial route from the farm capital of California to the coast has been “exceptionally dangerous.”

When traffic studies are conducted prior to construction, consideration is given to distance, direction of travel, speed, type of traffic, terrain, climate, etc. Initially this UNDIVIDED road was not designed appropriately to accommodate the rapid development of the valley.

Despite the improvements, it still remains a dangerous hwy.

Continued carnage in Blood Alley. What is it going to take to make this road safe, and how many more decades? My condolences to to the family and loved ones.

Realy? “Blood Alley” How about how many cars pass through there every hour and DON’T crash?

A semi-truck drove into oncoming traffic, clipped a pickup and slammed head-on into another truck.How is that the fault of “Blood alley”?

Yeah,,,”REALY” (sic). I could bore you with the decades of statistics regarding hwy 46, But I won’t The two-lane stretch from Paso Robles to Cholame is known as “Blood Alley” for the large number of car crashes, mainly head-on collisions, among the high volume of commuters, truckers, and tourists, a total of 38 people have died…. a staggering number considering the relative short distance.

Given the amount of traffic, the speeds, the number of trucks and the mostly undivided road, the hwy is unusually dangerous.

It’s a dangerous road, there should not be only one road to get the valley folks from the central valley to the coast. It’s ridiculous. I guess if the legislature and the governor don’t have to travel on it it won’t get fixed. Maybe we should take away their state cars and drivers and helicopters and planes. Make them use the crappy dangerous roads they subject us to.

Only one road to get folks from valley to coast? There are lots. 198, 41, 46, 58, 166, and all of them suck. We need at least one good road.

And all of these roads share the same problem…they are at least partially, in some cases mostly undivided.

Imagine what it woulda been like if people texted back in the 90’s before the road improvement