Video shows thief snatching phone from SLO pizzeria

April 1, 2017

A San Luis Obispo pizzeria is requesting help from the public in locating a man who allegedly stole a cell phone from behind the counter Wednesday night.

Gino’s Pizza, which is located at 1761 Monterey Street, is circulating surveillance footage on social media that appears to show a man stealing a phone. In the surveillance video, the man enters the restaurant and asks a worker behind the counter for something. The suspect then receives a piece of foil, scans the area, walks around, grabs a black object from behind the counter and flees.

The pizza parlor is requesting that anyone who has information about the suspect stop by the restaurant or contact the San Luis Obispo Police Department. Gino’s Pizza says it is offering a small reward for the return of the phone.

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What an A hole. Hope they find him and plaster his name and face all over the media.

Apple should build in a “self destruct” option in their next iPhone series. That way the true owner could exact a little revenge by typing a code on their tablet and blowing it up in the guys back pocket.

Maybe I am on to something…anyone know steve job’s number….uh forgot.

Welp, we have 2 opinions. Lets go with the motive doesn’t count. the theft does.

Looks like a crime of opportunity. Didn’t appear that he came in just to steal the thing, but when presented with an unattended phone just sitting there, he took advantage. I can’t believe how many police reports there are about people stealing stuff from unlocked cars. Lock your doors. Don’t leave your valuables in plain sight. Be smart.

Nah, He came in to steal something. Asking for something to distract the worker was a ruse. He scanned the area for whatever he could steal. Hope someone knows him.