Morro Bay City manager seeking a new job

April 20, 2017

David Buckingham


City Manager David Buckingham is one of two finalists for the town manager position in Vail, Colorado. The announcement comes less than three months after Buckingham said he planned to remain on the Central Coast.

Following interviews with the top three candidates this week, the Vail Town Council settled on two final candidates, David Buckingham and Jay Harrington, Town Manager of Carbondale. The Vail Town Council will select a new manager on April 26.

During the Wednesday interview in Vail, Buckingham said he, his wife and their five children are a mountain family.

“We are intending to relocate to the mountains as soon as we can,” Buckingham told the Vail Daily.

Last year, Buckingham applied for the city manager position for Whitefish, Montana.

Buckingham said he applied for the position of city manager in Whitefish, Montana after several Morro Bay Council candidates ran on a platform of getting rid of him. Neither of Buckingham’s detractors won a seat on the council.

After another candidate was hired in Whitefish, Buckingham said he and his family love the Central Coast, and he would be quite happy serving Morro Bay for the next five to 15 years. He then applied for the Vail manager position.

Buckingham began working in Morro Bay in Sept. 2014, shortly after he lost both an Army command position he held and a city administrator job he sought.

The City of Morro Bay has received several complaints that Buckingham is unavailable and distracted. According to his voice message, he plans to return to the Central Coast on April 24.

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David Buckingham was at best “a pathetic manager” and good riddance to this low life! I personally met with the man and he avoided smoking gun proof of crimes being committed in Morro Bay and decided to do nothing about it, so I did. I changed the way Morro Bay takes complaints from its citizens and all the while this piece of SHI!!!! went out of the way to hurt the citizens of Morro Bay and the very process of grievances against the city. Vail would be very wise to pass on Mr. David Buckingham and I have sent them my message as well. The central coast will not miss you one bit…..

It’s another case of administrative musical chairs. Administrators lack ethics and morals; they simply follow the buck. It used to be that public servants had some amount of loyalty to the people they serve; now they chase the dollar sign. Worst of all, the people who determine the salaries keep raising salaries as enticement for administrators to stay, which only exacerbates the problem. Lower admin salaries; give the job to someone who is sincerely dedicated to the community rather than people dedicated to making a buck.

In this case it may be the elected officials , christine johnson, irons and smuckler that lack the ethics and morals…

Sinking ship is correct, 150 million sewer plant that has yet to be planned while the original planned upgrade for the existing site would have been running now for over a year, most of the good department heads fired and replaced with inexperienced people who are clearly struggling. Budget and spending out of control and the city headed for financial disaster. Due to the hiring practices of Christine Johnson, Noah Smukler and Jamie Irons. Hopefully Morro Bay will soon realize the consequences of not paying attention to who they elect and make some changes. Everyday that goes by is costing the residents more $$. Shameful!

p.s. if you see those elected and former elected folks in town, make sure to “thank” them for what they have done.

The Vail town manager job will pay about $200,000 a year plus benes and a house to live in. Can’t blame the guy for going for that job. Manager of a world famous skiing town, rubbing shoulders with movie stars…