Santa Maria man busted for alleged gambling operation

April 14, 2017

Sam Grair

Santa Maria police broke up a an alleged illegal gambling operation on Thursday and arrested the owner of the betting establishment.

After a lengthy investigation, the Santa Maria Police Department’s Community Services Unit raided an establishment in the 100 block of West Main Street and seized illegal slot machines, gambling paraphernalia and large quantities of cash. Officers also arrested various patrons of the gambling operation for possession of narcotics, according to a police department news release.

 Officers charged Sam Grair  with bookmaking and wagering, possession of an illegal gambling device and possession of a gambling device.

Authorities then booked Grair in Santa Barbara County Jail.

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So much for free enterprise.

My first thought was “Which other business persons were against his establishment or had a beef against him?”

Thanks. I feel much safer now.

I’m sure if Mr. Grair was allowed to investigate himself, he’d find no wrong-doing; much the way the sheriffs department did with themselves…

Should also mention that this guy is actually doing the community a service… since his patrons didn’t have to drive all the way up to the reservation, there was less drunk driving and lots of fuel saved.

Actual crimes (w/victims) committed=0

Meanwhile, 11 people dead as a result of the way Parkinson runs the jail, and he walks free.

The only gambling allowed outside of Native American land is the government sponsored lottery where poor people can truly trade their dollars for false hope.