What should you do when stopped by law enforcement?

April 22, 2017

While we all rely on law enforcement to keep us safe and protect us, it is important to know your right during encounters with officers.

Throughout the Central Coast and the nation, people have demonstrated against prejudice and police violence.  People of color have found themselves stopped and questioned, suspected of being undocumented immigrants or potential terrorists.

Young people near Cal Poly complain they are stopped just for being college age.

Find out how you can legally protect yourself when law enforcement stops you or your friends.

The ACLU Chapter of San Luis Obispo County invites you to attend a free “Know Your Rights” event this Sunday at the library on the corner of Palm and Osos streets in San Luis Obispo, from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Complimentary refreshments will be provided.


Steve Gesell: Fired for corruption

Daniel McDow: Arrested for drugs and fired

Armando Limom: Arrested for drugs and fired

Travis Morris: Arrested for DUI and fired

Corey Pierce: Arrested and sentenced to prison for

Extortion and admitted to being addicted

to heroin

Jim Fellows: Cited for DUI; clocked at 102 mph

Does anybody else understand that the SLOPD is corrupt as hell?

They are BULLIES with BADGES!


What to do when pulled over…..


“What should you do when stopped by law enforcement?”

Well, maybe comedian Chris Rock has prepared the best answer to this timely question:

Jon Tatro

Well as a retired police officer let me suggest the “Golden rule”. Dont act like an ass and expect the police officer to treat you like a princess.


Whatever you do….resist. ALWAYS question authority. You know the cops are ALL corrupt, ar jack booted thugs looking to racially profile all non-whites. And if you happen to be white, you know that you have ALWAYS driven better while impaired.

Geez, what are these goons thinking? Call Ian Funke Bilu for pace of mind while driving!!!!!


If there is one, depressing, thing I have learned about CCN commenters it is that they do NOT get satire. Your “down” voters actually think you support hating cops and driving drunk.


With the number of Police being killed nowadays I think a better idea would be to give the officer some respect, be polite, do what they say, if you have a problem take it up at a later date. You don’t know what the officer has been through, or what they might be looking for, so give them a break!

Rich in MB

Maybe the ACLU should do something like Respecting the Free Speech Rights of others…now that would be a good seminar for the Snowflake Leftists on campus today!

Boo Hoo….my feelings were hurt by hearing Conservative Viewpoints….that’s Hate Speech and I need the ACLU to save me.

Come on folks….the Left is getting out of hand.


During my years working at Cal Poly, I heard many students of color, especially males, talk about how local law enforcement would stop them for no “legitimate” reason and harass them. The majority of the time, the students were not even issued a citation. The “message” from local law enforcement at that time was very clear, if you are a person of color in our community, watch out because our eyes are on you and we will stop and harass you because we can.

Recently Dave Congalton had a local business owner, who was a person of color, on his program and the above was reinforced by this guest as well as community members who called into his program. It is very distributing that after 35 years, when I first heard students about local law enforcement profiling, things have not changed in our community.


Person of color? that rules out invisible I guess.


Hike up your skirt about 8 inches above your knee, have a Ben Franklin peeking out of the cleavage–and watch your rear view mirror to make sure it’s not a female officer.

Rich in MB

That’s CisPhobic….maybe the Woman Officer is really a guy in drag….I’m offended!