Woman killed at highways 41 and 46 “Y”

April 21, 2017

A motorhome collided with a pickup truck at the “Y” intersection of highways 41 and 46 Thursday afternoon, killing a San Jose woman and injuring several other people. A San Jose teen, who like the deceased woman was ejected from the motorhome, was airlifted to the hospital with major injuries.

Around 2:50 p.m., San Jose man Francisco Savala III, 44, was driving his family in a 2003 Itasca motorhome. Savala was driving eastbound on Highway 46 and approaching the intersection with Highway 41.

At the time, Las Vegas man John Saxon, 60, was driving a Chevrolet pickup westbound on Highway 46 and also approaching Highway 41.

When Savala reached the intersection, he tried turning left onto Highway 41 but turned directly in front of Saxon’s pickup, according to a CHP news release. Saxon reacted, turning sharply to the right to try to avoid the motorhome. The left front of the pickup collided with the right front of the motorhome.

The collision ejected Cherly Vanwettering, 37, from the right front seat of the motorhome. Frank Savala, 14, who was sitting in the living portion of the motorhome, was also ejected.

Responders pronounced Vanwettering dead at the scene. A CHP helicopter airlifted Frank Savala to Sierra Vista Regional Hospital.

Saxon, too, suffered major injuries, and his passenger, Las Vegas woman Susan Saxon, 59, suffered moderate injuries. Emergency personnel transported both Saxons to Twin Cities Commnity Hospital.

Fancisco Savala III, the motorhome driver, and Ariana Savala, 8, suffered minor injuries in the crash. They, too, were take to Twin Cities Community Hospital, as was a 13-year-old boy who was also sitting unrestrained in the living portion of the motorhome. The teen suffered minor injuries.

Investigators say drugs and alcohol do not appear to be factors in the collision. An investigation into the crash is ongoing.

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I see it all of the time. People not wearing seat belts in motor homes. It’s just as important to buckle up in a motor home as it is in a car. How tragic, pray for the survivors.

And the Blood Alley carnage continues…..

another tragety because of a crappy highway thanks MOONBEAM , the class A motor home driver had fault for turning in front of the right of way traffic but still how about a overpass or underpass , so you dont have to turn across 65 mph traffic , i know we as drivers bear the responsibility of making a safe turn, just to bad a vacation ruined, and another tragic death

Nobody to blame except the dude who turned left. If all folks knew how to drive, this crap wouldn’t happen.

I don’t always agree you Pilot, but you got this right! Idiot drivers all day long. How awful for all involved.

Denying the Hwy is inherently dangerous (despite current statistics) and that “folks” don’t know how to drive, one would can only deduce that only stupid drivers choose to drive Hwy 46.

Your logic is severely flawed, and the road remains as dangerous as it was 5 decades ago.