8 people injured in crash on Highway 46

May 30, 2017

A crash on Highway 46 Monday afternoon sent eight people to the hospital, according to Cal Fire.

Shortly before 4 p.m., west of Shandon near Gruenhagen Flat Road, a car crashed into the back of a van that was carrying disabled people. Of the 12 people involved in the accident, eight suffered minor injuries.

As a result of the accident, Traffic was backed up on Highway 46 for several hours.

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Think about it..if Hwy 46 was a direct route to the Monterey or Carmel, it would have been fixed decades ago.

Every day almost we read about this same stretch of highway. It’s time to ask the CHP what the hell is going on? Get out there in force and slow people down. That’s what we pay you to do.

Hwy 101 was converted to 4-lanes through San Luis over 60 years ago. While driving up to Carmel this month I passed traffic in Paso at the 46 exit backed up way onto the northbound slow lane of 101. Someone should interview Gov. Brown’s first term Director of Transportation Adrianna Gianturco to find out where the gas tax money went during his first 8 years.

Home run slonative…

Highway 46 is and always was blood alley, even after the name change to make it more PC. Until the entire stretch is four lanes this will continue to happen.

The back ups mentioned are holiday/volume related and the exiting highway just cannot handle the flows, hence the backups in the #2 lanes all the way back onto the 101 freeway…

To those who STILL believe this hwy. is NOT dangerous…think again. It’s decades over due…the need to fix this road correctly and help end the carnage.

What is it going to take the governor or one of his legislative colleagues becoming a victim before anything more is done?

The state leadership has blood on it’s hands…and lots of it.

Traffic had been backed up for more than four hours before the accident. There was so much eastbound traffic that hundreds of cars trying to “bypass” the slow traffic on 46 by cutting through Shandon. Traffic was crawling/stopping both through Shandon and on highway 46 since around 11 a.m. no doubt because the double lanes on 46 end around Shandon and the congested 2 lanes have to merge into one.

Now, imagine Diablo sirens are screaming and all those south of the grade are trying to flee, where the hell are the going to go?

Cutting back through our country roads will be disaster…

Do you really think in an emergency you could get a whole area like SLO evacuated in just a short time? Look at hurricanes in Florida. They start days earlier and it is bumper to bumper. Highways were not and are not designed to dump an entire city population onto it all at once.

In an emergency, (lets say nuclear strike coming), sit back and enjoy the show, because you are f**ked and aren’t getting out in just 30 minutes. REALITY!!

If everyone wants to promote tourism on the coast, then why don’t we make the necessary improvements to Highway 101 before we promote more traffic on Highway 46, 166, etc.? Certainly there are people who live here for the peace and quiet, who are inconvenienced by those who are here to exploit the central coast, that too is a factor. No electrician would fuse a 20 amp wire with a 100 amp breaker, Highway 101 is analogous to the 20 amp wire that will be a glowing disaster very soon. This disaster is obvious and eminent yet we just watch because the fix is a tedious, wordy and bureaucratically tax funded process. Science needs to be the decisive element in the highway funding process, not politics. I’m as serious as a migraine headache at Vino Robles or the sunny concert by the sea.

spot on,

where is the science and the money? If we have been paying proactively on our vehicle registrations and gas fees for road improvements to meet the new the century, where the hell is the money? We all know the problems we face the every day, and we also pay every day, so what is the problem? My money says it is the politicians not you, nor me, nor any of my neighbors…

How about the NIMBY’s? Back in the 60’s SLO was slated to have the 101 transition into a freeway for the 1. No Santa Rosa street etc. Wanna guess who shot it down???

Or how about this. To get to Mammoth Lakes you have to go north to 50 or south to Mojave and then up. They were going to take 168 outside of Clovis up and over but it stops at China Peak. Guess who stopped that?

The list is long. We had many projects back in the day that would have helped where we are now but the same faction then, is the same faction now that stops all of it.

Like the Who song………Meet the new boss, same as the ol boss…………