AG man threatens Lauren Southern, gets kicked off Twitter

May 24, 2017

Lauren Southern in Dresden, Germany


An Arroyo Grande man threatened to forcibly stop activist-journalist Lauren Southern from speaking at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo on Thursday evening. Southern is a Canadian conservative with libertarian leanings who is a vocal critic of feminism and mass immigration.

On Tuesday afternoon, Bill Leys, who goes by the “The Snarky Shit Stirrer” on social media, warned Southern that she would not be permitted to speak at Cal Poly.

“Lauren Southern you might show up at Cal Poly, but you won’t be speaking here,” Leys wrote on Twitter. “Let’s be clear, hate is met head on with force.”

Less than an hour later, Southern informed Leys that she would not let his threat deter her.

“Oh I can assure you, I’ll be speaking,” Southern responded on Twitter.

Shortly afterwards, Twitter suspended The Snarky Shit Stirrer for violating Twitter rules.

Even so, dozens of people noted the irony of Leys’ post.

“Moron doesn’t even see that he’s the hater. “Met with force.” The stupid, it burns,” posted a Twitter user by the name Pray for Israel.

On his Facebook page, Lays promotes violence against those who voice opposing views.

Bill Leys

“Open resistance, defiance of unmoral authority, questioning authority and meeting fascists with violence and smashing them down is morally just,” Leys said in a Jan. 21 post on Facebook which received a thumbs up from New Times cartoonist Russel Hodin.

On Twitter, Southern’s supporters noted the irony of those who claim to oppose fascism while promoting violence against people who express different views.

“Did they just threaten you with violence? For speaking? Lol fascism,” the user One Pun Man tweeted.

Over the past year, Cal Poly College Republicans have received multiple threats of violence regarding speakers they have brought to campus.

“The College Republicans will continue to be champions of the First Amendment for all students, faculty, and community members at Cal Poly,” said Robert Surane, a Cal Poly College Republicans Board director. “It is within everyone’s right to peacefully protest, but it is not their right to forcefully shut down an event solely because they disagree with it.”

Leys has a history of attacking young women on social media, often referring to them as c**nts or prostitutes. Lays, a supporter of SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill, made demeaning comments about a daughter of Hill’s political opponent and the children of reporters who covered Hill critically during last year’s campaign.



Just based on what I read here I’d agree that the man is out of bounds. Everyone has the right to air their views in a democracy. On the other hand Leys maybe thinking about Deutschland in 1933. We all need to ask, what would we have done back when we saw the ominous rise of the Third Reich. Note: this question is directed at the reasonable among us, not neo-nazis, who would likely have done all they could to aid and abet the rising dictatorship.

Still, in today’s highly charged political climate, it does nothing but counterproductive harm to the cause of democracy to threaten people for airing their views. I hope Leys and anyone else who may be considering taking such a position will reconsider.

Besides that, it looks like rightwing hate mongering is a profitable business!


Leys is a local business man, lol.


OHHH – please TELL – what business so we can do as “they” would and NOT patronize such an evil and awful business owner’s establishment!! Do as they would do, right?? (Not really, but isn’t that what the left does? I would hate to lower myself to their standards, America couldn’t survive)


He’s quite easy to find on Google, and he’s a “nationally recognized expert” lol

Kevin Rice
Kaiser Bill

“Leys has a history of attacking young women on social media, often referring to them as c**nts or prostitutes. Lays, a supporter of SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill”

Not surprising. Given his picture, you know, birds of a feather and all. Do Adam Hill and Bill Leys worship together?


Yet another common deliminator of the Hill mind(less) set.WAKE UP SLO before it’s too late. Adam continues to herd the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Lays is obviously is one of his “Love Ewes.”


Leys sounds like yet another intolerant lefty.


Are there more intolerant lefties or righties?

Kevin Rice

Lefties. By far.


Do you have statistics for that? Or just blowing smoke?


Nice….he should be locked up but I’ll take him getting booted from twitter.

Freedom of speech is paramount in a free nation Mr. Bill. I also believe there are a growing number of students that agree with Southern’s libertarian beliefs and obviously Bill Leys is threatened by it.


Nut job.

Rich in MB

The hateful left strikes again.

They must silence voices they can’t debate or deal with.

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