Conservative speaker to draw crowd and protest at Cal Poly

May 24, 2017

Lauren Southern in Dresden, Germany

In what could make for a confrontation between conservatives and members of the group Antifa, the Cal Poly College Republicans are scheduled to host activist-journalist Lauren Southern on Thursday.

Southern is a Canadian conservative with libertarian leanings who is a vocal critic of feminism and mass immigration. She is due to deliver a speech on the Cal Poly campus at an event dubbed “The Return of the Traditional Woman.”

Formerly a reporter and and commentator for conservative Canadian news agency The Rebel, Southern is the author of “Barbarians: How Baby Boomers, Immigrants and Islam Screwed My Generation.” Recently, Southern attended the “Battle for Berkeley,” where fighting broke out between free speech activists and Antifa members.

Protesters are organizing a march against Southern, which is expected to take place before she speaks at Cal Poly Thursday evening. Several student groups, including the Cal Poly Democrats, are promoting the “March Against Rape Culture.” Also, a post in an online forum is calling on antifascists from across California to mobilize in San Luis Obispo on Thursday.

Earlier this year, the College Republicans hosted controversial speaker Milo Yiannopoulos at an event that required dozens of officers and thousands of dollars to police. The event at Cal Poly occurred peacefully, but the following night a riot stopped Yiannopoulos from speaking at UC Berkeley.

“Today conservatives are repeatedly accused of repression,” the College Republicans stated in a Facebook post promoting the Southern event. “The claim that all right-leaning individuals are racist, homophobic, xenophobic fascists is completely false and atrocious. The Cal Poly College Republicans will not stand by the wayside as people around the world are brutally attacked for their beliefs.”

A Facebook post promoting the protest against Southern states she is a “rape culture apologist.”

“Alt-right star and rape culture denier Lauren Southern will be coming to our campus with her bigoted agenda that attacks women, people of color, trans folks and undocumented people.”

Thursday’s event is scheduled to take place at 7 p.m. in room 286 of the Fisher Science building. Tickets are limited, and the College Republicans is requesting attendees fill out a survey in order to get seats.

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I think other groups (homosexual, liberal, etc.) on campus could invite the most controversial individuals/groups imaginable to speak and no one else would give a rip…

It’s called “tolerance.”

Actually, it’s called “hypocrisy” for them to be OK with *their* controversial speaker(s), but not with any who may differ… a little tolerance would be completely foreign to these mal-educated snowflakes, I’m betting.

No, that is called Freedom of Speech…

If they don’t agree with my views, they are racist lying sexist xenophobes who should be banished from speaking. The liberal agenda.

Long live the race card, it’s really all they have.

With this comment you have justified the very reason that Republicans are inviting the most divisive characters they can dredge up. They thank you.

Did you listen to anything Lauren Southern had to say? You think she is the “most divisive character they could dredge up”?

Again This Frog!

Also, it’s sad that the Dean of Students (Kathleen N. McMahon) is leaking information, fully knowing that her legions of cry-babies and ANTIFA allies will try to shut the event down.

That’s the reason so much security was required at the Milo event (ANTIFA guys were jesting about shooting people in the heads) and Cal Poly Dems and Queer Student Union have the audacity to blame the Republicans for the bill.

Probably best not to accuse people of things without proof.

Are you surprised? University faculty and management are overwhelmingly left wing and are one of the reasons brainwashed, dangerous losers like Antifa exist. If a University Prof. or Administrator is discovered to be right wing, they are often fired. But left wing Profs. are free to rant against Trump, white people, and men.