AG man threatens Lauren Southern, gets kicked off Twitter

May 24, 2017

Lauren Southern in Dresden, Germany


An Arroyo Grande man threatened to forcibly stop activist-journalist Lauren Southern from speaking at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo on Thursday evening. Southern is a Canadian conservative with libertarian leanings who is a vocal critic of feminism and mass immigration.

On Tuesday afternoon, Bill Leys, who goes by the “The Snarky Shit Stirrer” on social media, warned Southern that she would not be permitted to speak at Cal Poly.

“Lauren Southern you might show up at Cal Poly, but you won’t be speaking here,” Leys wrote on Twitter. “Let’s be clear, hate is met head on with force.”

Less than an hour later, Southern informed Leys that she would not let his threat deter her.

“Oh I can assure you, I’ll be speaking,” Southern responded on Twitter.

Shortly afterwards, Twitter suspended The Snarky Shit Stirrer for violating Twitter rules.

Even so, dozens of people noted the irony of Leys’ post.

“Moron doesn’t even see that he’s the hater. “Met with force.” The stupid, it burns,” posted a Twitter user by the name Pray for Israel.

On his Facebook page, Lays promotes violence against those who voice opposing views.

Bill Leys

“Open resistance, defiance of unmoral authority, questioning authority and meeting fascists with violence and smashing them down is morally just,” Leys said in a Jan. 21 post on Facebook which received a thumbs up from New Times cartoonist Russel Hodin.

On Twitter, Southern’s supporters noted the irony of those who claim to oppose fascism while promoting violence against people who express different views.

“Did they just threaten you with violence? For speaking? Lol fascism,” the user One Pun Man tweeted.

Over the past year, Cal Poly College Republicans have received multiple threats of violence regarding speakers they have brought to campus.

“The College Republicans will continue to be champions of the First Amendment for all students, faculty, and community members at Cal Poly,” said Robert Surane, a Cal Poly College Republicans Board director. “It is within everyone’s right to peacefully protest, but it is not their right to forcefully shut down an event solely because they disagree with it.”

Leys has a history of attacking young women on social media, often referring to them as c**nts or prostitutes. Lays, a supporter of SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill, made demeaning comments about a daughter of Hill’s political opponent and the children of reporters who covered Hill critically during last year’s campaign.



Would it be correct to say this odd fellow was all talk and no action, I didn’t hear of any issues tonight.


During Obama’s term he made many engagements. Lets say I posted on a public forum that I told the public I will forcibly stop him from speaking. Where the hell do you think Id be now? In jail for terrorist threats. So what makes Bill Leys any less of a douchebag he shouldent be incarcerated for making forcible threats against this woman?

Lets say Im going to attend and when Bill opens his mouth and begins his threats I close it real nice like. Off to jail for assault & battery for me? you bet. Corrupt justice?


I remember when us liberals were the ones fighting for free speech…


Oh, do you remember the children of the 60’s who said not to trust anyone over 30, and never trust anyone in authority? Now they’re all over 30 and in authority, but do not know how to function as adults. Go figure.

Jorge Estrada

I’m from the area of UC Berkley, SF State, already seen the protests for free speech.. Having gone full circle, is it the protest that counts or free speech? Today the protest appears to be about free speech, as it shouldn’t be for everyone?.


Well, she’s cute. A total dingbat and a baby but cute.

Give her 20 years, she won’t be a know it all once she actually gets some life experience.


I know Leys, he’s about a dangerous as a foggy day.

He is well know in AG for running his mouth.


He sounds a lot like a left-wing version of Miles Yannawhateverhisnameis. I get so tired of people just yelling out for the sake of stirring up those with whom they disagree. Both have a legal right to do it but I don’t blame those who (peacefully) protest either one.


Why do you attempt to demonize everyone that has posted in his social networks in support of him? You listed every name you could find on his media, pointing out that they have him a like it whatever. I have no idea who he or the speaker is, but you are attempting to paint everyone that supports him with a guilty by association brush. Pretty weak.


Here’s an example of what Bill Leys directed to a woman on a fund raising site:

“Put your daughter to work on BackPage. That should bring in $50 a night from ten Mexicans. Beg for forgiveness or just suck his dick…if all else fails just shoot yourself and use the insurance money….”

So, Boris, now you have some idea of what Bill Leys writes and why his supporters of some outrageous posts have been pointed out. (People who liked or supported posts that were not sickening were not pointed out).

One of the progressive websites he used to comment on, even cautioned him publicly to be more civil.


If you take Bill seriously, you should not take yourself seriously. He likes to talk smack and blow off steam. I don’t agree with him on most things, but I appreciate his rude crude and lude sense of humor. People should really be able to spot the difference between a #$*# talker and and actual threat.

Kevin Rice

Without integrity, you’re not really a man. Without honour, you’re nobody: Just another human flicking around your society, breaking promises and making grand empty gestures. You’re a liar and a cheat, a small time value sucker of low character, best set to clean toilets, or sell cigarettes in prison.

“No man of honor, as the word is usually understood, did ever pretend that his honor obliged him to be chaste or temperate, to pay his creditors, to be useful to his country, to do good to mankind, to endeavor to be wise or learned, to regard his word, his promise, or his oath.”

―Jonathan Swift


Honestly Kevin, you are one of only a few people who backs their words up and does it on your own dime. So you have earned the right to make statements about integrity. But it has been my experience that most people are full of #*@*, so I am putting this in that context. And for many people this translates to negative things for others, in Bill’s case, it’s really just limited to himself. And I just think people get too hysterical about silly words anyway.,


Mkaney – so silly words apply both ways in your observation right?? As mentioned in previous posts if a conservative says anything to be considered NOT PC they are condemned and termed a bigot, racist, ____phobic whatever. I’m with you about all the silliness of some of the words beings used and people being too oversensitive and all these “Social Justice Warrior” who even think white people shouldn’t be able to have a burrito stand that only POC should — but it has to go both ways! Liberals CAN’T be calling out “crap” and trying to stop people from exercising Free Speech and vica-versa.


Obviously, you don’t follow the news and it is amazing to read your comment and yet when Republicans, be it President Trump, Jeff Sessions, Paul Ryan (and the list goes on) say something not politically correct all the leftists attack, and attack again, and then distort the truth and attack again…

Wonder how you feel about that?

Kevin Rice

“All I have in this world is my balls and my word, and I don’t break them for no one.” –Scarface

Bill Leys has neither.


I’ve read a lot of Bill Leys remarks on two of our “progressive” websites and I just can’t agree with your assessment of them as just showing a rude, crude, and lude sense of humor. There is a seething hate that emerges from some of his comments that is disturbing. I don’t know the man personally, so to me, it’s something that can’t be laughed off, and I don’t know how you expect people to know the difference between an actual threat and a S— talker when his comments are about specific named people.

On the other hand, he fits in well with Team Adam Hill and the hateful or deluded SLO Progressives.


Leys is a fruitcake.

Shitter Leys gets banned from twitter and Southern gets banned by facebook, temporarily, on the same day, go figure.

Ignoramuses from both sides of the aisle. They belong together.

Leys isn’t a businessman, he’s a shyster who no longer has his contractors license.

Southern is anti-diversity, anti-immigration, and anti-21st century woman. She’s just stirring up shit to make herself $.

In summary, 2 shit disturbers from the extreme opposite edges of the political spectrum. One a failed businessman and the other just starting out.


“Southern is anti-diversity, anti-immigration, and anti-21st century woman. She’s just stirring up shit to make herself.”

Well I am PRO-diversity, pro-illegal immigration, and pro-21st century woman! This woman sounds super dangerous!! :D:D