AG man threatens Lauren Southern, gets kicked off Twitter

May 24, 2017

Lauren Southern in Dresden, Germany


An Arroyo Grande man threatened to forcibly stop activist-journalist Lauren Southern from speaking at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo on Thursday evening. Southern is a Canadian conservative with libertarian leanings who is a vocal critic of feminism and mass immigration.

On Tuesday afternoon, Bill Leys, who goes by the “The Snarky Shit Stirrer” on social media, warned Southern that she would not be permitted to speak at Cal Poly.

“Lauren Southern you might show up at Cal Poly, but you won’t be speaking here,” Leys wrote on Twitter. “Let’s be clear, hate is met head on with force.”

Less than an hour later, Southern informed Leys that she would not let his threat deter her.

“Oh I can assure you, I’ll be speaking,” Southern responded on Twitter.

Shortly afterwards, Twitter suspended The Snarky Shit Stirrer for violating Twitter rules.

Even so, dozens of people noted the irony of Leys’ post.

“Moron doesn’t even see that he’s the hater. “Met with force.” The stupid, it burns,” posted a Twitter user by the name Pray for Israel.

On his Facebook page, Lays promotes violence against those who voice opposing views.

Bill Leys

“Open resistance, defiance of unmoral authority, questioning authority and meeting fascists with violence and smashing them down is morally just,” Leys said in a Jan. 21 post on Facebook which received a thumbs up from New Times cartoonist Russel Hodin.

On Twitter, Southern’s supporters noted the irony of those who claim to oppose fascism while promoting violence against people who express different views.

“Did they just threaten you with violence? For speaking? Lol fascism,” the user One Pun Man tweeted.

Over the past year, Cal Poly College Republicans have received multiple threats of violence regarding speakers they have brought to campus.

“The College Republicans will continue to be champions of the First Amendment for all students, faculty, and community members at Cal Poly,” said Robert Surane, a Cal Poly College Republicans Board director. “It is within everyone’s right to peacefully protest, but it is not their right to forcefully shut down an event solely because they disagree with it.”

Leys has a history of attacking young women on social media, often referring to them as c**nts or prostitutes. Lays, a supporter of SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill, made demeaning comments about a daughter of Hill’s political opponent and the children of reporters who covered Hill critically during last year’s campaign.



Typical. He should be bitch slapped by his bird. And his use of the “c” word certainly reinforces his support of women! What a creepy dude. Where do these people come from?

Kevin Rice

Bill Leys – Don’t You love chicken shit cunts who hide behind pseudonyms while calling people names? Hey Josey Wales, I said you’re a cunt. You fucking little bitch.

Bill Leys – Can’t wait to be in Avila in a couple weeks facing those cunts down…Gonna get ugly…

Bill Leys – We can do better than UC Davis, let’s burn him at the stake!

Adam Hill friended Bill Leys on Facebook.

Any questions?

Kevin Rice

In one instance, Bill Leys photographed his own excrement in his backyard. He posted this photo on the Internet, calling his victim a steaming pile of…

Kevin Rice

Bill Let’s has made worse threats. His threats required law enforcement presence at two events, and he was investigated and contacted by law enforcement previously.

Watch the Tribune ignore this, while castigating a citizen for MERELY ASKING if Grover Beach Council are whores. The Tribune is the root of this violence.


Sniffing glue are we?

There has been no violence. There have been threats but no violence. The tribune is no more liable for any threatened violence than the bible. Try again.

Kevin Rice

Intimidation via threats is violence. The Tribune has been complicit in encouraging violence and has made zero effort to speak against violence. The Tribune is the root of the problem. Apparently, you are complicit as well.


“The tribune is the root of this violence” is your statement….and it doesn’t make any sense. It’s wrong twice and it’s pretty short. Just because you say something doesn’t make it true.

To start with, consult a dictionary. Intimidation via threats is not violence. A threat could still be illegal but it’s still not violence. try again.

So, since the tribune can’t be the “root of this violence” since there was none in this case, you’re delusional.

Furthermore, please provide example of when the Tribune, or myself, were complicit in any violence.


Straddle, the kind of vitriol and threats coming from Leys are identical to the behavior of those who are physically violent. They precede violence and reveal an abusive nature. Best to get as far away as possible when you see this kind of behavior.

Adam Hill and Bill Leys exhibit the same tendencies. When the Tribune reports on a one word challenge from a constituent in public comment and ignores the consistent abuses of Adam Hill and Bill Leyes they enable and protect dangerous behaviors that go beyond the question of freedom of speech.

To protect and cover up abusive behavior and divert attention from serious offences by bringing up perceived offences blesses the obscene and supports its continuance.


analyticone —

The SCOTUS disagrees with you. 7-1 decision.

The Tribune shouldn’t have to bash anything that is not illegal just because some snowflakes like you want it to.

Had there been any serious offenses someone would have been arrested. You’re spewing complete BS. try again


Bill Leys, Russel Hodin and Adam Hill are not the usual left. They march for women, but support sexist attacks on women they do not agree with.

The claim to be anti-fascist but want to curtail speech they do not agree with.

They claim to be against hate, but support violence against their opponents.




People on the left should count their blessings that the likes of Milo, Coulter, and this young lady are emerging as the new face of the conservative movement. Of all the talented people the right can find to put forth a convincing argument for their cause, they choose divisive figures who don’t talk about anything but identity politics. Just like the left. Such figures on both sides accomplish little beyond reaffirming what the true believers in their respective camps already believe. Probably why both camps are shrinking.

The establishment (right or left) loves identity politics because it easily triggers and divides everyone. Economics and pay-to-play corruption is where the conversation needs to be.


JimF, very astute comment. Let’s stay focused on the real issue – corruption – and not be led off track when the corrupt attempt to derail exposure of their actions by attacking those who call them out.


You are exactly right on this.


She should be concerned, that’s one mean looking bird! Yikes!


Kudos to Twitter – at least they have more scruples than Facebook! And for LEY – what a charmer – huh? Really, he wants to spew “HIS HATRED” and rain on his crap on us and yet we’re suppose to tolerate and be accommodating to his right to free speech! SUCH hypocrisy as USUAL from the left-wing wackos!! I may not agree with with this young woman has to say just as I didn’t agree with all that Milo had to say or even Ann Coulter…but they have a RIGHT to speak and this IDIOT LEY (person) is just another example of WHY the Conservative HAVE TO SPEAK UP and not give up/shut up and be silenced by these BULLIES!


You are stereotyping. Should others follow your lead, you would then be lumped in with Milo, Ted Haggard, and Ralph Shortey.

Enjoy the camraderie!