Establishment Democrats and “Berniecrats” clash over California chairmanship

May 22, 2017

Eric Bauman (left)

At a testy convention, the former head of the Los Angeles County Democratic party narrowly defeated a community organizer in the race for the state party chairmanship, prompting a walkout, protests and allegations that the election was rigged. Now, the loser of the election is announcing the sate party will conduct an audit of the vote, beginning Tuesday morning.

On Saturday, nearly 3,000 delegates cast votes for party chairmanship at the Democratic state convention in Sacramento. According to the party’s tally, Eric Bauman defeated challenger Kimberly Ellis by 62 votes. [Politico]

Bauman gave an acceptance speech Saturday night that was marred by a chorus of boos coming from progressive supporters of former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders who backed Ellis in the race for state chair. On Sunday, protests continued and supporters of Ellis walked out of the convention when Bauman was introduced as chair.

Kimberly Ellis

Ellis, in turn, refused to concede the race. Many of the progressives backing Ellis left the convention with complaints that they had been railroaded by the Democratic establishment in similar fashion as what took place with Sanders’ defeat to Hillary Clinton and, more recently, the loss of Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison to party insider Tom Perez for the Democratic National Committee chairmanship.

Perez, now DNC chair, spoke at the California convention over the weekend, and like other speakers, was shouted down by progressives.

“Hey hey, ho, ho, corporate Democrats have got to go,” many progressives chanted at the state convention.

At one point, outgoing state party chair John Burton went so far as to tell the protesters to “shut the fuck up or go outside.”

With tensions simmering and some activists threatening to leave the party, Bauman issued a statement acknowledging California Democrats have a problem.

“Regardless of the outcome of today’s election, and regardless of the fact that we have proven that California is the one place in the nation that knows how to do it right — there is no denying that there is a problem when so many of our hardworking activists feel that they are not welcome within our party and that they have been slighted and shut out of the process,” Bauman said.

Bauman, who garnered the backing of many top California Democrats, became the first openly gay chair of the state party. Bauman had been head or vice chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic party since 2000, and he entered the statewide race as the clear favorite.

However, last year, Bauman came under fire for failing to disclose political consulting work he was doing on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry in its successful effort to defeat a ballot measure that would have forced the state to lower its spending on prescription drugs. Bauman likewise did not disclose that he was a paid consultant for backers of more popular ballot measures.

During the race for state party chair, progressives rallied behind Ellis, who previously headed an effort to get Democratic women elected. At the convention, Ellis assembled an army of followers wearing pink shirts saying “unbought and unbossed.”

On Monday evening, Ellis issued a press release stating an audit of the party chairmanship election will begin at 9 a.m. Tuesday at the California Democratic Party headquarters.

Jon Tatro

Idiot on idiot crime. Good tuff.


Everyone is trying to discover why Hillary lost, it’s the Russians or Wiki links or bad weather or somehow Trump just stole the election from her. If you ask me, I think the better question is why and how did Bernie lose to Hillary? and I’m sure more than half of the attendees at that convention would like an answer to that and would like that investigated too.


While I think the margin would have been much closer if the Dem establishment had been straight up in its conduct of the primaries, Hillary would still have won because Sanders was too late in getting started and organized. The problem for the DNC is that their bias in anointing Clinton turned off a lot of the Bernie supporters and kept them from voting at all in the general election.


The DNC and Debbie Schultz had their foot on the brake of Bernie’s campaign from day one. If they would have just turned him loose he would have beat her. Look at the crowds that came to his events. He couldn’t gain traction because powerful people didn’t want him to. Now some of those same powerful people are trying to derail Trump’s presidency.


Bernie did not lose. Bernie KNEW he was destined NOT to win, but was there to take as much money as he could for the party. Sorry, but that is precisely what was revealed if one bothers to read the actual e-mails.

The Russians didn’t steal shit. Trump won because he was NOT Hillary, and the sooner the kooks are kicked out of the democrat party, the better off this country will be.

I miss actual democrats, not the stupidly-far-left zealots who have taken over the party. See what happens when the most ignorant radicals are allowed to teach at public schools and universities for so long, unfettered? A massively mal-educated populace that truly believes socialism is worth trying. I kid you not, I hear this from high school- and college-age kids all the time, not to mention a few adults. Wow, crack a history book (if any are left) or simply ask someone who lives in a socialist country (e.g. Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, et. al.).


Eventually they are going to run out of other people’s money to spend.


They did long ago. Check out all the unfunded mandates, pensions and perks they are forcing us to pay for. And now a 400 billion dollar single payer plan, which they have no way of paying for.

How’s that bullet train goin for ya?


As we already know, they don’t pay for anything, the middle class taxpayers will pay for it, the rich, which includes the politicians voting on this and the public sector workers, will exclude themselves again from it having any effect on them, those on assistance again will not have to pay for anything, that only leave the shrinking middle class.


If your a democrat and you follow these people, I’m sorry, your stupid.


“your stupid”?? WHO’s stupid? Takes one to know one? Better study up on your grade school grammar….


That may be the case, but it doesn’t mean that you’re NOT stupid. That’s one of the problems with our political landscape, stupid to the left AND stupid to the right and that’s why we are where we are


Except I don’t see where the right is proposing economy-crushing changes. I don’t put it past them to do it, but I only see (D)’s sponsoring the most egregious of fiduciary suicides at this point.

It is “the right” that is fighting Brown’s gasoline tax; it is the right that is (hopefully) ending obamacare. The right is mostly silent, except for the arrogant president, but I think that a loud-mouth ignoramus is better than a back-stabbing bitch-and-a-half. I still feel we dodged a bullet by not electing Hillary.

Trump was a shot in the dark for working out (and so far he’s not, really). Hillary was a guaranteed disaster (and always will be). Hard to say, the media and pop culture have doubled-down against Trump (mostly because they were so very wrong and had egg on their faces), so accurate news and information is pretty hard to filter out.


Hahahahaha…. implode. Please implode!


Just another step in abolishing California for what we HAD all come to call our home. It will never be the same as I have always known and sadly it’s time to leave, along with many other. It will be sad to watch the state disintegrate into a 3rd world state with a failed economy.

The Identarian

Most Californians (who pay attention ahem ahem) just wish the whole lot would march progressively into The Pacific Ocean and disappear.


The lack of class and decency of the Democratic party continues.

More trouble ahead in upcoming elections.


sadly you are incorrect. the voters will continue to vote dems and bankrupt the state but the reps do not a coherent answer, and continue to make embarrassingly moronic statements. But make no mistake, both are tone deaf.

Jorge Estrada

It doesn’t matter what side you are on, our reps have created law to hold the taxpayers liable for the state retirement short falls. So when there is no money for roads you know that the public employee pensions are being funded instead. May as well get real and understand that we support jobs and retirement plans first, the public benefit gets funded with left overs.


Lack of class and decency in the Democrats? As opposed to what, the Republicans? As in our Liar In Chief, the pussy grabber? HaHaHaHaHaHaHa…. You cons are just too much! Where do you get those alternative reality Republican goggles? They’d be a gas at a party!


Slogan for ya: “Lamer Together”

Oh and thanks for the tax hike on gasoline and better yet diesel so that everything I buy will be more expensive thanks to you idiots…oh and my poor, fixed-income neighbors can’t wait to thank you too! Viva Socialism, viva la “resistance!”