ICE arrests 188 people, 9 in Santa Maria

May 27, 2017

Federal immigration agents arrested 188 people in a five-day operation that targeted criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants and immigration fugitives. In the raids that concluded on May 24, agents arrested nine people in Santa Maria.

Of those arrested, 146 were Mexican nationals. The remaining 42 were citizens of 11 different countries including East Asia and Eastern Europe.

“The just concluded operation targeted public safety threats, such as convicted criminal aliens and individuals who have violated our nation’s immigration laws, including individuals who re-entered the country after being removed, and immigration fugitives ordered deported by federal immigration judges,” according to an ICE press release. “At least eight of the individuals arrested during the just concluded enforcement action now face federal prosecution for re-entry after deportation, a felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.”

Of those taken into custody, 169 had previous criminal convictions including 43 for drug offenses, 27 for domestic violence and 30 for driving under the influence.

Among those arrested were:

A 29-year-old Salvadoran national convicted of rape in California who was taken into custody May 22 in Los Angeles. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) databases indicate the man was deported in 2014 after serving a nine-year prison term, but subsequently returned to the U.S. illegally. The man now faces criminal prosecution by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for felony re-entry after deportation.

A previously deported 51-year-old Mexican national arrested May 22 in La Puente who served three years in the California Department of Corrections following his conviction for cocaine trafficking.

A 47-year-old Mexican national arrested in Los Angeles May 20 who has prior convictions for felony assault and another conviction for battery. DHS databases indicate this individual was released in 2014 by local authorities despite an ICE detainer.

A 26-year-old Salvadoran national with a final order of removal arrested May 21 in Azusa who is a registered sex offender based upon his 2014 conviction for having unlawful sex with a minor.

“During targeted enforcement operations ICE officers frequently encounter additional suspects who may be in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws,” according to the press release. “Those persons will be evaluated on a case by case basis and, when appropriate, arrested by ICE.”

Under President Donald Trump, current ICE arrests compared to the same period of time in 2016 have gone up by nearly 40 percent.


Read the descriptions. Deporting scumbags from our country. That’s a beautiful thing.

Jon Tatro

Well look at what happens when you let the fine ICE agents do what they were hired to do without overbearing federal bureaucrats getting in their way. Thank you Agents.


Good. Now there’s only about 11 million to go.

The Identarian

188 down, 26,000,000 to go.


Salud Carbahal recently toured the ICE facility and told the agents he supported them but not what they do.

Talk about a mixed message. That’s like telling the Marines “I support you, but I want you to lose on the battlefield.”

Mitch C

Carbaha is a left wing nut job … the sooner we rid this state of self serving politicians the sooner we can save this state (and country) from self destruction.

The Identarian

That is why his “party” cannot win elections. (except in brain dead California)


Well, now, c’mon…. let’s be fair. Just because we have “Dopey the Klown” as our so-called “Congressman”, doesn’t mean that we’re the only ones so poorly represented.

After all, his so-called “party” does still win elections in brain-dead Illinois too.


Here is an idea: How about a Federal Database available on the web, with all the names of previously deported individuals and people who have overstayed visas.

The website could also provide sorted lists of these scofflaws, such as their last know address or destination, i.e. Santa Maria.

Also, it would be helpful to have an easy to use form to report suspected illegals not previously known to ICE.

Put up the website and I’ll do my part as I suspect most law abiding people would!

Rich in MB

So out of the 188 Arrests we have:

“Of those taken into custody, 169 had previous criminal convictions including 43 for drug offenses, 27 for domestic violence and 30 for driving under the influence.”

So will someone please tell me, tell the community WHY this is not Fabulous News that our communities are safer? The BS talking points about El Trumpo hating Mexicans, or El Trumpo being a Racist…he just made the entire Mexican American community SAFFER by getting rid of these thugs.

Has the left gone insane enough to defend keeping these 169 individuals on the streets?

While…yes…Yes I believe they have.


You answered your own question correctly. Democrats need a permanent underclass dependent on government to win elections. That’s why they will always be pro open border.

Politicians care about self, party, then country, in that order, which is why they should all be water boarded.

Rich in MB

Go go go….this is Great News.

Less Criminals on the Streets keeps everyone safer.

Thank you ICE, Thank you Trump for enforcing the Countries Laws!

Meanwhile in an alternator Universe we find out the Obama Administration was KNOWINGLY letting in members of the Dangerous Gang MS-13! What a difference an election makes!


Great job by ICE! I am not opposed to any of these people that have been already been DEPORTED once or more and have returned to be branded with a big fat “D” on their foreheads. Then, we will not have to spend much time and money finding them again!