Santa Barbara man shot and killed by deputies

May 13, 2017

San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a Santa Barbara man on the Barona Indian Reservation Wednesday afternoon. Jeroen Koornwinder, 50, allegedly tried to hit officers with his truck.

Koornwinder was driving erratically through the reservation when sheriff deputies were asked to respond. After a 10 minute pursuit, Koornwinder pulled over.

While deputies were attempting to put a spike strip near Koornwinder’s truck tires, Koornwinder accelerated and tried to hit the deputies with his truck. Deputies then opened fire at Koorwinder.

The truck then crashed into a patrol car and a Lexus before running off the road. Koornwinder died at the scene.

Three women who were in the Lexus suffered injuries. Two of the women remain in the hospital with non-fatal injuries.

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The deceased is a Dutch man living in SB. Wonder what got under his skin to do as he did?

Make that “was a Dutch man”

That’s the trouble with guessing people’s nationalities by their last names. His last name certainly sounds Dutch (or possibly Belgian) but who knows now long ago his family may have come to North America. (The Dutch owned Manhattan Island before there was a United States.)