One killed two injured in head-on collision on Highway 46

May 13, 2017

One person died and two others were injured in a head-on collision on Highway 46 near the Cholame Y Saturday morning, according to Cal Fire.

Shortly before 8 a.m., a light grey sedan crashed head-on into a dark grey Honda Odyssey. One person died and two others were transported to local hospitals.

Further information on the names of the victims or the cause of the collision is not yet available.

California Highway Patrol officers are conducting an investigation into the cause of the deadly crash. Saturday’s crash was the fifth fatal collision on Highway 46 over the last two months.

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I travel the 46/41 route from Paso to Kettlemen twice a month. During the last two years or so I have consistently seen at least one CHP per trip patrolling / pulling over speeders, including me. They are working the heck out of that corridor, but obviously that isn’t the solution. Add lanes and dividers.

In the 2006 EIR on the 46 East they stated “Although the overall accident rate for the entire project (0.42 MVM) is below the statewide average (0.62 MVM), the easternmost State Routes 46/41 junction where Caltrans proposes to construct the separated grade interchange is more than three times (0.82 MV) the statewide average (0.22 MV).” Why did they upgrade the rest of the hignway first and leave the most dangeous for last?…/safer46/pdf/FEIRVol1_web.pdf

The state can justify paying CHP officers overtime to park behind CalTrans workers when they are working on the freeway. Maybe it’s time to have a CHP unit just patrol that intersection. The number of fatalities certainly should justify that enforcement action.

How many deaths does this make this travel season…5-6? that’s insane. We travel that road frequently enough and still have not seen law enforcement on the road that we can recall. Thanks for the budget cuts Moonbeam, doing a great job there for public safety……. ya senile bastard.

All of these happened in a very short stretch – from the rest stop to the Y.

It’s coincidently. right where Cell coverage returns. Near the Jack Ranch Cafe there is no cell coverage. suddenly Boom. you’ve got mail.

Over the past number of years the State has continued to improve Highways 41 & 46, making the trek from Fresno, Bakersfield, and I-5 more comfortable, safe, and convenient. As traffic increases the most dangerous choke point becomes a more frequent tragedy. It is time to build a sweeping overpass connector.

As Pelican1 has repeatedly suggested in comments following these CCN articles, that stretch of Highway 46 has truly earned its reputation as “Blood Alley.”

Blood Alley is the most infamous road on the Central Coast…without question. dozens of lives have been lost and hundreds of injuries have resulted from this relatively short stretch of hwy..

As an east west thoroughfare carrying both commercial and passenger traffic, like other east west routes, it doesn’t compare to the safer road designs that carry traffic north and south in our state. In addition, it’s a route that is fed by both 99 and I-5 which have higher speed traffic that affects the transitioning onto 46 which has much lower speeds. The mostly undivided hwy simply does not lend itself to the type and amount of daily traffic it carries….and the tragic results prove it. Widen it, divide it, and provide commercial truck lanes…it’s time to do it right and quit attempting to stop the hemorrhaging with band-aids.