SLO County hires interim planning and building director

May 8, 2017

Marvin Rose

Following the departure of San Luis Obispo County planning and building director Jim Bergman to the city of Arroyo Grande, the board of supervisors approved a contract with a government services agency that is providing an interim director for the department.

Bergman left the county last month to become Arroyo Grande’s city manager. The county plans to conduct a nationwide search for Bergman’s replacement.

On April 19, Marvin Rose, of the Regional Government Services Authority (RGSA), assumed the role of the county’s interim planning and building director. It is unclear if and when Rose began work in the position.

During a consent agenda hearing on Tuesday, the board of supervisors formally approved a contract with RSFA. The county will pay the agency $171 an hour for Rose’s services.

The agreement is expected to remain in place until the end of 2017, and Rose may continue to work for the county thereafter on a month-to-month basis.

Previously, from July 2015 to Feb. 2016, Rose served as SLO County’s interim central services director.

Rose is a registered civil engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the public sector, according to a county staff report.


I wonder what salary this guy could earn in the non-govt world?

Jorge Estrada

Not so soon, hold your punches, this guy might be the one we need, not three?


Ok, but what’s that got to do with the picture of the barber from the 1800s?


Pick your nose, flick the booger, charge SLO county $5, repeat…


The Planning Department has 2 Deputy Director positions. Hard to understand why one of them can’t step up and direct the department on a temporary basis. Their job specification allows it, and that has been done in other departments before. If it is for an extended period, the Board of Supervisors can approve a modest temporary salary increase for the person. Hard to understand the need for a $30K/mo. additional expense.


Great. And he probably gets a mustache maintenance allowance as well.


Another double dipper breaking the taxpayers backs


Let me see $171 an hour x’s 8 = $1368 a day. 5 days a week x’s $1368 = $6840 a week. 4 weeks a month x’ $6840 = $27,360 a month. 12 months in a year x’s $27,360 = $328,320.

How much longer are we the taxpayer’s going to put up with this. And there are probably many more perks and benefits that might be paid out in order to get the best. This is going to cause everyone in government to demand higher pay in fear that they may leave. Please open the flood gates and let the swamp drain.


Why else do you think old Marv has such a smug grin in his face?


$171/an hour for a 40 hour work week for Mr. Rose’s services equates to approximately $29,639/month. After working in HR for several years I know there is a formula used to calculate monthly salary and that is what was used to reach this calculation. That’s a huge monthly salary and that does not include any benefits.